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Pakistani Successful Startups- How I Became An Entrepreneur

StartupsPakistani Successful Startups- How I Became An Entrepreneur

Syed Hussain Raza- Sunset Car Wash

No one likes to drive dirty cars and Sunset carwash is service particularly targeting the working class who
normally don’t have drivers at home and they hardly find time to clean their cars. As a working
professional I was facing the same situation and the idea struck my mind and I identified the need of
such service, my partner encouraged me and gave strength to me to execute the idea.

The next phase was how we are going to execute the idea as it is very important for a startup to have the right
execution and knowledge of services which is going to be delivered to meet the customer need.
After a lot of research on products and equipment we managed to execute it correctly. It has been six
month since we are working and during the initial 3 month we were hardly meeting our expense and we
were losing hope and thinking of rolling it back however we did not lose hope and analyzed our
weakness which was resulting in low business.

Finally we reached to a conclusion that we are not advertising our business in a proper manner and to
the right target market. To resolve this issue we started researching, how Facebook marketing works
and we learnt about it and identified the key points, without taking any external help of social media
marketing professional we again started watching Youtube Tutorial and red research papers. After
gaining knowledge we Re-launched our Facebook marketing campaign and the results were mind
blowing. There was a huge surge in demand and we started booking our entire week just over the
weekend and since then we have the same routine.

Currently we don’t have much capacity to fulfill the demand and we are adding another vehicle and
team. We started off with one vehicle and the concept was to put two people on one vehicle however
due to current demand’s surge we have added 2 more people which has resulted in reducing the
cleaning time from 3 hours to 1.5 hours for our General Service.

Our future plan is to launch our own Car care product line, we have got the products developed and
currently we are in testing phase. Once they are finalized we will roll them in the market.
My advice to all young entrepreneurs is to be patient and hang in there for a while, identify the
weakness and improve them. Our country has a huge population and there is a massive demand, you
only need to identify how you can tap the potential and capitalize on it.

Mudasir Ali Fitness Pro

I am now doing my master level certification which would be completed in two months, I’m going to be the first coach in Pakistan to hold a master certification, I have a team of 4-5 certified coaches from Pakistan and around the world, whom I train throughout the year.

We have clients all across Pakistan. My aim is to spread Healthy Lifestyle and I’ll remove that concept that only strict Diet Pills medicines heavy loaded exercises are only the solution that is not True.

We have tons of success stories from 100lbs 80lbs 60lbs 50lbs 30lbs weight loss stories.. Then weight gain then I’m also managing stress management sessions and therapies aswell.

I never endorsed any media personalities or celebrities in my program even we have so many but all stories are real time without any strict Diet Pills Detox or Medicines. Yes this is possible do check out stories on my Page.

I’m a self made man Entrepreneur leme tell you one thing to all those Young people looking for money to start a business believe me you can start it without any support and that is only possible by hard work in right direction with right amount.

Developing and building your super powers inside you is where you need to work at. We all have some super powers it could be specific skill passion or idea just work on it taste it experience it and even if you get failed then don’t worry to try it again.

Myne Umer – Home Based Baker

My actual name is Mehreen Umar but my nickname is Myne it’s a name associated with me since childhood thats why I decided to name my cakery after it, I am a passionate homebased baker and ice cream maker, I make a variety of desserts, Cookie Pizza, Chessecake, Mousse, Ice cream, you name it! Even before starting a business I was always looking for new recipes, I was passionate about cooking, I have international exposure too, I learnt decoration and presentation from abroad, I look for detail and learn when I’m eating at a restaurant or at someone’s house.

I started my business in February 2016, it’s been a bit over a year, before that I was just a regular housewife, I have a Masters degree in Strepsis and I am also a gold medallist, I knew I had potential, I’ve been baking since I could remember and it is not just my profession it is my passion, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t baking.

When I got married I had started to maintain a routine of doing practically nothing, I eventually grew tired of being unproductive and decided to take my passion to another level. I began posting pictures of my work on to my Facebook page, my friends encouraged me to do this professionally

There are many commercial and home based dessert makers in Pakistan they are doing a commendable job, in perception their food looks drool worthy but I always go in to deeper detail when it comes to food, for me some lacked one ingredient or another. I would consume a spoon and wonder how much better this could taste if it had more chocolate, or more vanilla, there would mostly be a lack of a certain something. So I would replicate the ingredients by myself at home but with an improvisation, I aim to make my desserts rich in flavours and taste also I make full dairy ice cream.

I then started to do customized ice creams, customers would ask me to make ice cream like such and such brand from USA or UK, they would describe it to me and I would make my own version of it and that’s how my ice creams became popular I now sell ice cream from home in litre boxes.

I gained a lot of knowledge with experience, Foodies R Us has helped my business grow immensely, it bought my business into the limelight, it provided me a platform to showcase my talent to thousands of people, Asad Shiekh has played an integral role in my flourishing business because of him I have been a part of numerous stalls and even appeared on a youtube channel in collaboration with Foodies R us “one Platter”.

Allhumdulilah I have gained immense success in this field not by using any contacts but by determination and hard work, I believe if you are passionate and committed to something no force can withhold you from success, my desserts are now available at a cafe in Defence Lahore, I will be holding baking classes in September, so I can trasfer my knowledge to other lets see where my work takes me from here I hardly ever plan, I just dedicate myself and the magic happens.

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