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Ponyo 2 Movie – Release Date Confirm Or Cancelled

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Ponyo 2 overview

Before going toward an overview of Ponyo 2 and talking about its sequel, is it going to happen, is Studio Ghibli planning for a sequel of Ponyo, and a lot of queries in the minds of fans.

Here we will address all fans’ questions, those eagerly waiting for Ponyo 2, so they should wait for Ponyo 2 or change their mind and go for other animated movies similar to Ponyo 2.

Ponyo movie part 2 is coming or not will be addressed in this piece of content, and you will get more information about the animated movie Ponyo 2.

As an old animated movie, Ponyo was the most appreciated animated movie of its time and achieved so much love from the fan and generated a considerable fanbase. It has been more than 12 years since Ponyo’s first part was released; fans are eagerly waiting for a sequel of Ponyo; more than a decade has passed, but fans’ wait for Ponyo 2 has not ended yet.

Ponyo is the most famous animated movie by Studio Ghibli. Well-known Japanese production company is famous for its most appreciated movies like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Little Mermaid.

Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki directed Ponyo(creator of ponyo), an animated movie released in 2008; Hayao Miyazaki has planned its sequel and shared his views for a sequel of Ponyo, but it is not available to watch yet.

Release date of Ponyo 2: confirmed or cancel 

Ponyo 2 release date is not officially confirmed yet. Studio Ghibli, co-founder, and producer of Ponyo Hayao Miyazaki, showed interest in the sequel of Ponyo in an interview. It created a wave of happiness among fans of Ponyo who had been waiting for Ponyo 2. Still, years passed, and there is no good news from Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki about Ponyo 2.

ponyo part 2 full movie

So news of Ponyo 2 is accurate, or just a rumor to create an imbalance in the feeling of fans, or maybe there would be other reasons.

Some sources from the past reveal that Hayao Miyazaki was interested in making a sequel to Ponyo, a record-breaking movie with the highest rating and so much love from the fans, which inspired Hayao to produce Ponyo 2, and he announced in an interview.

Toshio Suzuki, a film producer and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, advised to drop the idea of Ponyo 2 and concentrate on The Wind Rises. Hayao Miyazaki started working on that and dropped the idea of Ponyo 2, and he is busy with new projects and might not be thinking of a sequel to Ponyo.

According to trustworthy sources, the Ponyo movie has been canceled and will not be renewed.

There is another reason not to make Ponyo 2 and defined in the next paragraph.

Is it true Studio Ghibli does not make a sequel?

There is another restriction in the path of Ponyo 2 and why creator Hayao Miyazaki did not make a sequel of Ponyo after showing a desire for it in an interview and why he had taken so much time to make Ponyo 2.

So another reason for it is that Studio Ghibli never makes sequels to their movie and to which extent this news is accurate.

Studio Ghibli s movies receive so much love from fans and get high ratings; despite this, they did not go for sequels like Ponyo is. It received so much appreciation and love from fans as about 12 years passed; fans are keenly waiting for Ponyo 2, but they did not get any good news about Ponyo 2; even fans are not blessed with the sequel Spirited Away or other famous movies of Studio Ghibli.

Hayao Miyazaki shows interest in Ponyo 2 and must have the script in his mind; he is also busy with various projects.

In 2002 Studio Ghibli released a sequel or continuation of the movie Whisper Of The Heart of 1992 as  The Cat Returns, and Miyazaki directed another sequel, Mei And The Kittenbus, which was a sequel to the short film My Neighbor Totoro.

Miyazaki is busy with his significant projects like How Do You Live? So we can say that Studio Ghibli made sequels in the past and also can make in the future as Ponyo 2.

The story of Ponyo Movie

Ponyo is the story of little goldfish who gets separated from his family when they come for an outing and little goldfish Ponyo follows the jellyfish and leaves her family behind, and a little five-year boy finds her.

Ponyo’s movie story reveals around the goldfish named Ponyo and a five-year-old boy named Sosuke. How the goldfish Ponyo and Sosuke met both because Ponyo,s father Fujimoto, a human wizard scientist with extraordinary magical powers, takes his family for an outing. His daughter Ponyo gets separated by her own mistakes. She follows the jellyfish and loses her path to return to her family.

If you all watched Nemo, the scene must be familiar to you, so yes, exactly what happened in Ponyo.

Ponyo remained missing for some time, and she was captured by a fisherman, who intended to sell her in the market and will get a heavy amount for her return, but it did not happen due to a little five-year-old boy named Sosuke; Ponyo was trapped into a glass jar, and small boy make her accessible and in the trial of freeing he also hurt himself with broken glass of the jar. But, it also healed with a single touch of Ponyo, and the story gets more interesting after Sosuke and Ponyo meet up and their bond gets stronger as they spend time with other.

There are so many twists and suspensions in Ponyo’s story, and it might seem much resemblance to Little Mermaid.

In the process of all this, Ponyo got so much attachment with Sosuke, and this attachment led her to fall in love with him, and she started protecting Sosuke.

ponyo new movie

When Ponyo returned home, she started asking her father to give her permission to become a human being. Still, Fujimoto rejected her request and asked her to accept what she was and forget her previous life with humans.

She remained stubborn and fought with her father, and Ponyo revealed her powers and showed more magical power because Ponyo touched human blood.

In transforming into a human, her sibling helped her, but Ponyo was unaware of the consequences of the transformation. An imbalance in the ocean caused a tsunami, which was so much destruction and created problems for humans and Sosuke, whom she loves.


Where can I watch Ponyo?

It is available on Netflix, Amazon prime video, and HBO max.

Where to watch Ponyo 2?

Ponyo 2 officially not released yet. Not available on any platform to watch online.

Is Ponyo 2 on Netflix

No, only first part of movie is available on Netflix.

As Ponyo 2 is canceled by Studio Ghibli, here is the question of those who want to watch Ponyo’s first part so yes,. Ponyo received colossal appreciation and is generating mountains of new fans; those curious about Ponyo and its story, as we mentioned above, can read to have a brief knowledge of it before watching Ponyo.

Ponyo IMDb Ratings


Ponyo, an animated movie, received a massive response from fans and created a huge fanbase. The audience gave high ratings; heartedly, even critics admired the performance and incredible story.

Ponyo has 7.7/10 IMBD ratings, and on amazon video, it has 4.9/5, and it shows why, after years have passed but still fans can not restrict themselves so keenly waiting for Ponyo 2.

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