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Ranking Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Appearances

SportsRanking Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Appearances

Forget the NFL, Tom Brady is one of the most decorated athletes of all time regardless of what sport you’re talking about. 

As proven last year, even being one of the oldest players in the NFL can’t stop him. Here we wax lyrical about a man we believe to be the G.O.A.T as we rank Tom Brady’s Super Bowl appearances.

10. Super Bowl XLII, loss to the New York Giants

During this 17-14 loss to Eli Manning and the Giants, the New England Patriots did next to nothing the entire game. They were undefeated coming into this big game and were the best scoring offense of all time up to that point. Somehow though, they went six straight drives without scoring any points and had to rely upon a last second comeback drive that fell short in the end. 

9. Super Bowl XLVI, loss to the New York Giants

At number nine in our ranking of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl appearances is another loss to Manning and co. Brady had completed 16 straight passes at one point but it wasn’t enough. The Pats legend had an intentional grounding penalty that resulted in a safety and threw a costly interception late in the game. Despite having solid stats, the loss brings this game down a bit.

8. Super Bowl LIII, win over the Los Angeles Rams

Ergh, this has to be one of the most boring games Brady has ever been a part of. Despite the fact that Brady won this game, the final score was 13-3. There was just the one touchdown scored throughout the entire game which came off the back of a 30 yard pass to Rob Gronkowski to get to the goal line. Brady only had 262 passing yards; that was it.

7. Super Bowl XXXVI, win over the St. Louis Rams

So, when did Tom Brady win his first Super Bowl? The answer is 2002. Here, Brady had replaced Drew Bledsoe at the beginning of this season and helped them win the Super Bowl over the Rams. 

While his legacy was born that day, the Super Bowl game itself falls at number seven owing to a mediocre stat line. Brady had 145 yards and a touchdown at the end of the play.

6. Super Bowl XXXIX, win over the Philadelphia Eagles

Brady outlasted Donovan McNabb in this one. McNabb had thrown for 357 yards and three touchdowns but his three interceptions gave the game away in the end. Brady meanwhile had just two touchdown passes but helped Deion Branch go for 11 receptions and 133 yards, winning him the MVP of the game. It also cemented the Patriots as a dynasty.

5. Super Bowl XXXVIII, win over the Carolina Panthers

Breaking the top five of our Tom Brady’s Super Bowl appearances is XXXVIII. Why? Well, it was a phenomenal statistical day for Brady, who, at the time, was a guy that people believed was nothing more than a game manager at the time. He threw for 354 yards and three touchdowns with one coming in the final three minutes in order to take the lead. 

4. Super Bowl LV, win over the Kansas City Chiefs

Here we have the most recent of them all, which is when Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a title in his first year with the organisation. Sure, the team dominated on defence but Brady had a nice day of 201 yards and three touchdowns. We rank this match so highly on our list because of how impressive his season was with a new team.  

3. Super Bowl LII, loss to the Philadelphia Eagles

Despite losing this 41-33 game, Brady’s numbers were ridiculous. He is the only quarterback outside of Ben Roethlisberger to throw 500 yards and lose a playoff game. His final numbers in this game were 505 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Somehow, Nick Foles bested him in the end.

2. Super Bowl XLIX, win over the Seattle Seahawks

Against the NFLs best ranked defence that season, Brady marched away with the victory by throwing for 328 yards and four touchdowns, along with two picks. He had a great comeback in the fourth quarter as well. All that said, this might be a Brady love in but that Malcolm Butler interception can’t not be mentioned!

1.Super Bowl LI, win over the Atlanta Falcons

Sitting in top spot is LI and it shouldn’t need much explaining. Brady found his team down 28-3 at the end of the third quarter. He rallied back to bring the game into overtime and then had a walk-off touchdown. All in all, had 466 passing yards and two touchdowns while throwing the ball 62 times. We will never see a comeback like that ever again. Never.

There you have it, our rankings of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl appearances. Which one was your favorite?

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