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Strategies to Consider for Successful Technology Relocation

TechnologyStrategies to Consider for Successful Technology Relocation

Relocating a business can be pretty challenging and always come with many risks. But relocating the information infrastructure for your company is even more complicated and costly. A small mistake will put you out of business for days or weeks.

You can prevent these eventualities and frustrating downtimes by diligently planning your relocation. Of course, moving your business should come with no or minimal disruptions. And we provide you with a step-by-step guide to ensure that your information technology relocation is more successful.

6 Steps to Follow When Relocating Your IT Infrastructure

The following steps are essential;

Step 1: Assemble Your Team

Relocations are complex, and handling them alone is always a recipe for disasters. With this realization, you will certainly need a team. The size of your team is dependent on the size of your company. Once you set up a team, you can delegate most duties to team members.

For example, someone should take responsibility for facility selection or choosing the ideal moving company. You may also need to decide which technology consultants will handle your cabling and service restoration. Moreover, you will also need someone to oversee your office equipment, systems furniture, telecom, and IT uninstallation and installation.

Step 2: Plan Your Move Discretely

Your success with relocating your technology is dependent on your plan. Thus, this is the first step you and your team should undertake. And your planning should begin at least 5 months before you execute your move. Among the aspects you will look into during your planning include;

  • Contracting consultants and movers
  • Overtime charges for moving companies and technology contractors
  • Downtimes and loss of productivity during relocation
  • Your plan to separate your local network and storage network (storage area network)
  • Cleaning, decorating and equipping your new base

Step 3: Initiate the Moving Mission

You need to initiate this mission early enough. This process will begin with meeting all key team members and external consultants. You can set up your goals, objectives, and communication channels during the meeting.

You will also need to schedule critical operations and set timelines. The steps you will consider scheduling include configuring your IT room or cabling infrastructure, ordering phone, and internet services, and organizing your equipment transfer. Follow-up meetings should prepare you, your team, and your staff for the move. Preparing well will minimize potential disruptions.

Step 4: Arrange for the Actual Move

After months of planning, you will need to prepare for the actual move on the moving week. Team members should disseminate the details about the relocation to all staff members. You can provide instructions to employees and delegate roles appropriately. Share the relocation checklists, labeling strategies, and instructions with everyone.

One of the most significant setbacks during technology relocations is data loss. So, you need to back up data from all workstations, servers, and systems. Finally, you can plan a tour of your new facility with all staff members so that everyone has a picture of the new location.

Step 5: You Can Now Move

It is D-day, and everything should be ready after several months of planning. This stage will be pretty busy, and determine the duration of your downtime. You will need to ensure a smooth transfer of your workstations, server infrastructure, and IT furniture.

It is often best to move your business on the weekend. You or your team leader should confirm beforehand if your internet, phone, data, and network services are already up and running.

Step 6: Consider IT outsourcing decisions

Sometimes outsourcing IT services is the cheapest way to develop a new project for your business if your own team is not qualified enough for a specific task. Sharing your business processes with an international outsourcing company will increase efficiency and allow you to concentrate on business goals while having access to a dedicated team with the necessary skills and experience. Check out Integra Sources if you’re seeking system application and software development services.

10 Tips to Consider When Relocating Your IT Infrastructure

The following are among the tips you should consider when moving your IT business;

  1. Choose a charismatic team leader
  2. Hire a tech consultant
  3. Back up your data days before moving
  4. Secure your equipment and systems
  5. Create an elaborate calendar
  6. Put in place a contingency plan
  7. Contract your vendors early
  8. Design your new facility beforehand
  9. Organize network, phone, and other utilities early
  10. Provide labeling and packing instructions to everyone involved.

The above tips and strategies should help you move your IT infrastructure more effortlessly.

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