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The 3 Important Steps To Become A Food Blogger

FoodsThe 3 Important Steps To Become A Food Blogger

Just about any passion or hobby can be turned into a business these days. It could be your passion for travel, woodworking, or even hiking. The reason is that when you have a hobby or passion, you are something of an expert at it. This means that there are people out there who want to pay money to be able to learn those skills from you. 

If you are passionate about cooking then this is a skill that is ripe for turning into a business thanks to the various ways to monetize it. Cooking is something that everybody wants to know how to do. If your particular brand of cooking is something that somebody is interested in then they will gladly pay to learn your techniques. In this article, we will go over what it takes to be a food blogger and make money

1 – Get good at video

Making a blog for recipes is not going to be enough to have any success. Since cooking is very visual, you will need to be able to make videos and show people how to cook. The most obvious way to go is to start a Youtube channel and get followers on there. Think of a Youtube channel as a commercial for your business. 

Then, you need to be able to use video on your social media channels. This is the same as Youtube in the sense that people will want to see the dish being created to get an idea of how the recipe works. Since social media posts need to be short, it pays to use a video to gif converter and post quick videos that way.

Without video and different channels for marketing, your business will struggle to take off. In fact, an essential part of the business is to make an online cooking course that involves professional style videos. 

2 – Pick a niche

The internet is full of websites and Youtube channels devoted to cooking. If you are a generalist it will take some time to break through and make a name for yourself. The way around this is to find a certain cuisine or cooking style to focus on and become known as the person who specializes in that. 

For example, you could make a name for yourself by being somebody who does date night recipes. Or, you can pick some cuisine to specialize in so that people can turn to you for help in perfecting their cooking. This is the way to stand out instead of being a generalist. 

3 – Know how to market yourself

The key thing is to become a brand and have a lot of different channels that you work within. Have a Youtube channel and a podcast to get people over to your blog and become known as an expert in your particular cooking discipline. 

Then use social media to get people excited about your food by posting engaging content that people will want to share. 

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