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The Beauty Of Moscow Will Leave You Mesmerised

TravelThe Beauty Of Moscow Will Leave You Mesmerised

Moscow has always been on my bucket list. So this year, I planned a short trip to Moscow with my friends. We started looking for airlines to fly to Moscow and that’s when we came across Wizz air. I took the onus of reserving and booking flight tickets. After reading positive reviews of Wizz Air, I started looking for Wizz Air Reservation procedure and found out that the flight tickets could be booked easily.

After making Wizz Air Reservation, we started packing for the essentials and hopped over to stores to shop for clothes. Finally, it was time to embark on the journey and we left our apartment for the airport. Knowing that the flight was on time was comforting and we boarded the plane to leave for our destination.

Once we landed at the airport, Moscow was surreal. At first glance it was just like I had imagined day-dreaming. Moscow is known for its historical architecture. Besides historical landmarks, there are also many modern structures in Moscow. We watched the theatre performances of Classical ballet and Opera. The food in the city is also delicious. Every time we went out to eat, we tried a different cuisine. The best time to visit the city is from March to May as the weather is clear and pleasant during this period.

Top attractions in Moscow

Take a look at some of the major attractions that we visited. And if you are also planning to take a trip to Moscow, these places are worth your time.

  1. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Located in Volkhonka Street, the museum was designed by Roman Klein and Vladimir Shukhov in 1898. The collection of the museum consists of more than 700000 artworks including paintings, drawings, photographs, and decorative art pieces of popular artists. Being one of the largest museums in Moscow, it also hosts the nights of the international musical festival  Sviatoslav Richter every year. To make the best of the visit, visitors are also provided with audio guides in different languages. 

  1. Sparrow Hills

Sparrow hill is an escape to the life of the city where you can enjoy the natural beauty. It is an 80 meters high hill, making it one of the highest points of the city. It is a popular destination among locals and tourists to enjoy the tree-covered place. You can capture the beautiful view of the city as the backdrop of your picture and spot a number of renowned structures from the top.

  1. Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

Opened in 1928, Gorky Park is a popular place where you can spend quality time. You can enjoy bike riding, play some sports like basketball, football or paddle a rented boat in one of the ponds of the park. There are also many restaurants and food marts to have delicious food beside the soothing view of the ponds. If you are fond of art exhibitions, you can visit the Garage Museum inside the park. The museum hosts a number of events, programs, and exhibitions. You can get an opportunity to watch an open-air cinema movie only if you visit in summer.

  1. Arbat Street

It is one of the crowded and charming streets of Moscow. The one-kilometer long street has many eye-catching monuments and sights like Mirror Maze, Museum of Corporal Punishment, etc. The clubs and bars of the street make the nightlife vibrant. The restaurants on the street have themed interiors and serve mouth-watering dishes of different cuisines including Russian, European, and Asian. The street glows differently during the festival days when it is decorated with lights and sceneries.

  1. Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Constructed in the 16th century, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a popular church located in Red Square. The structure of the church is built in a unique style. The domes of the church are bright in colors making it more adorable and eye-catching.

These are my favorite places where I enjoyed the most. Besides these, you can also visit other popular places like St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Bolshoi Theatre, Novodevichy Convent, Granovitaya Palata, etc. A piece of advice is to feel like a local to spend a great time here. Planning to travel to Moscow and running short on time? Wizz Air Booking Online is definitely a time-saver.


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