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The Royal Wedding: The Electric E Type Zero Jaguar

Top StoriesThe Royal Wedding: The Electric E Type Zero Jaguar

Just like the rest of the world this Saturday has been a major day for fashion enthusiasts, car enthusiasts and generally those who adore the British Royal Family.

F1 autos just like the rest of the world had their eyes peeled to the TV, we were just as awestruck by the Royal wedding, but not by Harry and Meghan’s wedding vows (which were gorgeous BTW), we were mesmerized by the British Royals choice of cars, from a luxurious Bentley to the sleek and elegant Rolls Royce, the ceremony was an automobile galore.

The new Duchess of Sussex arrived in a Rolls Royce which is a rare 1950 phantom, purchased by the Queen Elizabeth whilst she was a princess, this has normally been the Queens favorite chauffeur driven car, it has a hand built body by H.J Mulliner.

Meghan’s mother was moved to her own Bentley later in the evening the car is said to cost a whopping $650,000.

The prince himself and his brother Prince William arrived in a not so impressive Mercedez Benz van. The royal cars were followed by the protocol of Range Rovers which were driven by men and women of the British royals service and police officers for security. The royal wedding had some of the world’s most luxurious cars.

However, there was one particular vehicle that took our breath away and that was the Classic E type zero Jaguar Harry drove Meghan to the after party.

They couple drove in style following the star studded royal formal wedding event, they drove from Windsor Castle to Frogmore house in their Jaguar E-type Zero concept silverfish blue classic British luxury car an electric car that dates back to 1968. The car originally belongs to Prince Charles, who allowed his son to borrow it for the mega event.

The car came with a license plate which had the numbers 05/19/2018 embedded in it which is the date of their marriage, the vehicle is worth approximately $650,000.

The convertible car is one of the first environmentally cars to be produced, the electric Jaguar is as silent as a sports car can be, with the roof down the couple looked picture perfect, melting the hearts of the nation. The Jaguar can drive up to 60 MPH in just 6 seconds it has a 220 KW engine. This is probably the best car choice Harry could have made to swoon the love of his life off her feet.

The Jaguar concept Zero gives the driver a one of a kind dynamic experience, it is environmentally friendly and is charged through electrification, the drive is breathtaking. Car experts were jumping on their seats that afternoon when they witnessed the car Harry drove which was “fit for a prince”.

Normally the queen arrives at events on her classic Rolls Royce but this time she was kind enough to lend the car to her grand daughter in law, she instead arrived in her Bentley that was gifted to her by the automobile company to celebrate her silver Jubilee.

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