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Tips For Dealing With Unwanted Guests In And Around Your Home Or Work Place

DIY & How ToTips For Dealing With Unwanted Guests In And Around Your Home Or Work Place

Unwanted guests usually turn up in the form of animal pests that can get in and make a nuisance of themselves. And they don’t discriminate so that they can appear in residential and commercial places. The repercussions for infestations can, especially on commercial premises, be serious. Thankfully, there are many ways of dealing with pests when they encroach where they aren’t wanted.

Food Hygiene

Poor food hygiene is a significant cause of pest infestations, especially in workplaces that may sit empty of people for long stretches. Encouraging good food hygiene practices is essential for keeping the home and office clean. In workplaces, provide staff with an adequate food prep and storage area, thus discouraging keeping food at workstations. Ensure regular cleaning of the whole site as this is vital for keeping vermin out and staff healthy.

Enlist A Pest Control Company

Some businesses are by their nature prone to attracting pests, such as food services and historic buildings. Enlisting the services of a pest control company allows you to stay ahead of potential problems. Forging a relationship with a local pest control company will also mean you can use a trusted provider to deal with emergencies quickly. Nextgen Pest Solutions provides various services, from preventative measures to dealing with unexpected pest removal situations.

Try Natural Methods

Although severe infestations will require harsh chemicals, on the day-to-day level minimizing exposure to these chemicals is safer and healthier. There are natural deterrent methods for many pest-related issues that you can try first. Sticky paper traps can keep flies and mosquitos at bay without spraying neurotoxins around. To protect paper and clothing articles for creatures that love to eat them, like clothes moths and carpet beetles, use cedarwood as they hate the smell. On the one hand, if you suspect that there’s the presence of a mosquito infestation on your property, you may want to consider companies that offer natural mosquito treatment available for a very cheap price in return for a top notch professional service.

Keep On Top Of Repairs

Animals are clever about finding new ways to enter a building, so it’s vital to do repairs as soon as possible. Broken vent covers can let rodents in without you noticing until they’ve made themselves very comfortable. Similarly, broken guttering and eaves can let birds and animals into roof spaces. But not only that, it can allow water in, which causes its own set of problems, including mold, which is a non-animal pest.

Keep Outside Tidy

Don’t forget about the outside areas of your home or office, as these can encourage pests to come and visit you if not looked after. While an office block may only have low-maintenance shrubbery outside the windows, if not trimmed back, they offer ideal hiding places for animals while they look to get inside. And if termites set up shop in surrounding dirt-based areas, they’ll quickly look to the building as a food source. 

Lots of creepy-crawlies and animals will try to make themselves comfortable in your home or workplace. Prevention is the first place to start, but as issues arise, there are plenty of options to take care of them, both natural and chemical. 

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