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Tips To Keep Your Power Bills Low 

DIY & How ToTips To Keep Your Power Bills Low 

In today’s world many of us have started searching for ways to reduce the footprints that we leave upon the world. A bonus of that is that you can cut down on some of your expenses, like your power bill. There are numerous ways to keep your power bills low. Some of them are easy, while others may take a little time and money. In the end though, you will see your bills decrease, and your impact upon the environment will decrease.

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  • Temperature: This is perhaps one of the biggest ways that you can save on your power bills. Just one degree makes a significant difference. Turn the heat down by a couple of degrees and adjust your cold temperatures a few degrees hotter. It may be uncomfortable for a little while, but your body will adjust. 
  • Insulation in Ceiling: If your home is older you will want to check into the quality, and quantity, of the insulation. One of the biggest areas that you can improve upon is in the ceiling. The space that is in your eaves can have some layers sprayed into it to insulate the house better. As you know, heat rises so if your ceiling is insulated to the max your home will stay warmer in the cold months. It will also help trap in the cool from the air conditioner in the hotter times of year. 
  • Insulation in the Walls: If you are feeling drafts through the outer walls of the house you can bet that the insulation has either broken down over time, or it was never insulated correctly in the first place. You must keep in mind that older homes were not built with the quality of materials that are available today. The problem with this is that you will have to plug holes in the wall to gain access or remove the walls completely. Do not do this unless you are sure that the drafts are coming through the walls. You may want to go to the next step before tackling this big of a job.
  • Compare Suppliers: This may not seem like it fits here but this is one of the biggest ways to save on your power bill costs. Go to an online comparison site, like iSelect electricity in NSW, and punch in the information that it asks. The platform will then match you with any of their partners that will work for you. All you will have to do is go through the offers and find the one that offers the best service for the least amount of money. 
  • Window and Door Seals: If your windows are not energy saving types you will be able to feel drafts coming through them at any time of the year. Run your hand around the edges, and along the face. If you feel a draft from the edges, you can pull the trim off and use spray foam in the cracks around it. If it is coming from the window, itself, have them upgraded. The same goes for the doors. Seal around the jams with spray foam and replace it if needed. 

These are some steps that could make the most substantial differences that could help you keep your power bill low. They may cost you some time and money up front, but the savings in the end will be well worth it. There are numerous other small things that you can do, as well. Such as switch your lights to energy saving bulbs, use less hot water in showers and washing clothes, switch to energy saving appliances, and so on. 

Do everything that you can to make your house more energy saving, and you will see a difference on your energy bill at the end of the month. 

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