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Top 5 Fun Trampoline Games

SportsTop 5 Fun Trampoline Games

Jump into a world of excitement with these top fun trampoline games. Perfect for parties, family gatherings or just a weekend of fun, these games are designed to get everyone involved and create a world of laughter and excitement. So without further ado, let’s dive into these top fun trampoline games!

1. Popcorn

How to Play: Popcorn is a fantastic trampoline game that will have everyone laughing in no time. One person sits in the middle of the trampoline with their knees hugged into their chest. They are the ‘popcorn’. The other players bounce around to try and make the popcorn ‘pop’ – which means letting go of their knees. The last popcorn to pop is the winner.

Why It’s Fun: The unpredictability of when and how someone will ‘pop’ makes this game fun and exciting for players of all ages.

2. Crack the Egg

How to Play: One participant sits in the middle of the trampoline with their arms around their knees, similar to Popcorn. To get them to “crack,” or release their grip on their knees, the other players bounce around. The winner is the person who plays the longest without faltering.

Why It’s Fun: Crack the Egg is a humorous game that tests each player’s capacity to hang on for as long as possible, much like Popcorn. The game is more thrilling overall because of the suspense and unpredictable elements.

3. Trampoline Dodgeball

How to Play: This game brings the classic game of dodgeball to the trampoline. The rules are the same: if you get hit by a ball, you’re out. The last person standing wins. Be sure to use soft balls to avoid injury!

Why It’s Fun: Trampoline Dodgeball takes the fun of the original game and adds a whole new level of challenge and excitement with the bouncing aspect.

4. Simon Says

How to Play: The traditional game is being played on a trampoline here. One person is Simon and screams out commands like “Simon says bounce on one foot.” You are eliminated if Simon doesn’t say “Simon says,” and you carry out the command. The game is won by the person left standing.

Why It’s Fun: Playing Simon Says on a trampoline increases the game’s difficulty and adds to its enjoyment. Also, it’s a fantastic form of workout!

5. Horse

How to Play: This is a trampoline take on the classic basketball game, HORSE. One player performs a trick on the trampoline and the other players have to copy it. If they can’t, they get a letter. The first person to spell out HORSE loses.

Why It’s Fun: Horse encourages creativity and allows players to show off their trampoline skills. The competitive aspect of the game makes it even more engaging.


Trampolines aren’t just for jumping; they can be the centerpiece of countless fun and exciting games. Whether you’re looking to host the ultimate trampoline party or just want to spice up your backyard.

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