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Top 7 Online Resources to Check Out During Pregnancy

HealthTop 7 Online Resources to Check Out During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant, or looking to fall pregnant, and want to read up on tips and tricks to support your pregnancy? Do you want to make sure you are kept up with all the current technical information on a healthy pregnancy?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Having high quality and reliable online resources by your side can make your pregnancy a much more positive experience. Keep reading to discover our list of our top seven online resources to check out during pregnancy!

  1. Your Fertility Organisation Website

Your Fertility Organisation offers facts about fertility for men, women and gender diverse people so that they can increase their chances of conception. Its website provides readers with current information on preconception techniques, and includes a fertility knowledge quiz, various fact sheets and videos of personal fertility stories and expert opinions. 

  1. TherapyWorks’ Hormone and Fertility Profile

TherapyWorks’ Home and Fertility Profile provides information on hormone testing for the sake of preconception. It covers information on certain hormones which may be affecting an individual’s ability to conceive. TherapyWorks also offers hormone and fertility profiles for those who are looking to undergo the test.

  1. IVF Australia Fertile Mind Blog

IVF Australia’s Fertile Mind Blog provides fertility related information authored by experts and professionals in the space. Its blog covers a wide range of topics, from technical research to tips on nutrition to information on donor conception in Australia.

  1. Kiddipedia Parenting Blog

Kiddipedia’s Parenting Blog is ideal for expecting parents who are looking for tips on pregnancy and child raising. Kiddipedia is known for having various health practitioners and professionals contribute well written blogs targeted at parents who have many questions to ask. Blog posts are typically about prenatal and postnatal care.

  1. Pregnancy Help Australia Helpline

Pregnancy may not always be smooth-sailing and in fact, problems may sometimes occur unexpectedly. Pregnancy Help Australia’s Helpline has got you covered during any pregnancy mishaps, with advice on potential issues to look out for and a service to connect you with professionals and other support in your local community.

  1. Expectful Blog

The Expectful Blog is designed for expecting parents who are looking to learn more about the pregnancy process and child care. The blog contains a whole range of blog posts surrounding various topics such as prenatal vitamins, postpartum diets, and tips for breastfeeding.

  1. Sydney Local Health District’s Postnatal Resource Booklet

When it comes to postnatal care, Sydney Local Health District’s resource booklet is an incredibly helpful document guide available online. Prepared by the city’s health department, the resource booklet covers a comprehensive list of postnatal topics, including breastfeeding, taking care of an individual’s emotional wellbeing postpartum and even cord care.

The online space is home to many useful pregnancy resources that are both accessible and reliable. Produced mostly by health practitioners and professional health organisations, these resources are a must when it comes to learning more about preconception, pregnancy and postnatal care. We recommend checking out the seven resources listed above for a holistic and well-informed view on pregnancy.

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