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Trinidad Valentin Bio, Age, Family, Height, Weight, – Saweetie’s Mother

Top StoriesTrinidad Valentin Bio, Age, Family, Height, Weight, - Saweetie's Mother

Trinidad Valentin is a renowned public figure in the United States. She is popular American model. Former American model Trinidad Valentin was born in 1976, and Valentin belongs to Chinese and Filipino ancestry. Trinidad Valentin is famous for being the mother of Saweetie a well-known American rapper. She comes from a large family with six siblings and parents. Overall, it appears to be a happy family. However, Trinidad Valentin is introverted because she has limited herself to limited beings. As a result, we rarely see her on social media platforms, in interviews, or on TV shows.

Trinidad Valentin Age – How Old is Saweetie Mom?

Trinidad Valentin is a 46-year-old American model who got fame from her daughter throughout her career.

Who is Saweetie’s Mom?

Who is Saweetie’s Mom

Trinidad Valentinis is the mother of “Saweetie,” a famous American rapper who is young, talented, and a rap star of today’s generation. Saweetie is only seventeen years old. Trinidad married at a young age and had her first child at 17 while she was pretty young and beautiful. She was only 17 years old when her daughter was born; Saweetie’s real name is Diamante Quiava Valentin Harper. Trinidad Valentin’s popularity grew due to her daughter’s success as a rap singer in the United States. Valentin was not good in her field because Valentin dislikes celebrities in society. Let’s go on a journey with her as an American model.

Saweetie Parents Mother & Father Marriage Story

Trinidad Valentin’s husband

Trinidad Valentin met and married a famous football player named Johnny Harper in the 1990s. It was a love marriage, and on July 2, 1993. The couple is gifted with a beautiful baby girl.

Saweetie with his father Johnny Harper

America is a hub of Hollywood and glamor, especially given how difficult it is to break into the industry. Trinidad Valentin is an introvert with no contacts. Therefore, she is forced to rely on nepotism. As a result, she decided to enter the world of entertainment through acting. She worked day and night to establish herself as a good actor, and her strenuous effort paid off. She became an outstanding actress and model after putting in sweat and blood. She rose to fame as an actress and model, with a net worth of more than $9 million.

Bio of Trinidad Valentin

1NameTrinidad Valentin
3Birth year1976 
4Age45 years old
5BirthplaceUnited states of America
6HometownCentral Valley, California, USA
8Height 1.70 meters or 170 cm / 5 feet and 7 inches on a scale of 1 to 10.
9Weightkilograms 59 kg measuring scale 130 lbs. on the pound-for-pound scale
10Zodiac signCancer
11Eye colorDark brown
12EthnicityFilipino – Chinese
14Status of RelationshipMarried
15PartnerJohnny Harper
16Children(Maya, Milan, and Saweetie)

The success of Valentine’s daughter Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper (Saweetie)

Valentin’s daughter’s professional name is Saweetie, but her full name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper. She is a rap star who rose to prominence following the success of her debut track, Icy Girl, in 2018. She then signed on for more projects, released albums, and employed a team of managers to become a top-rated rockstar in the United States. Saweetie has had an outstanding career since her first hit, “High Maintenance,” has received millions of views.

Saweetie Grandparents

Saweetie Grandmother

Trinidad Valentin Mother

Saweetie was raised by her grandparents because, as previously stated, Trinidad Valentin was only 17 years old when Saweetie was born. Her profession was also a rollercoaster ride at the time, so that she couldn’t devote much time to her daughter. Saweetie’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles took up the burden of caring for her. That is the crucial reason for Trinidad Valentin’s excellent career because it allowed her to focus on the field without worrying about her daughter. Trinidad is now a proud mother after her daughter’s successful journey. She appears in interviews and photos on social media with her kid, praising the little rockstar.

Trinidad Valentin Exposure to Social Media 

After the explosion of social media, none of us can stay away from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. There is no other option but to run with society and its conventions. Valentin resisted as much as she could at first. However, following her daughter’s profession, she gradually succumbed to the virtual period.

Trinidad Valentin started the Instagram account “trini travels,” and she already has over 20,000 followers. She has only released about 400 photos because she does not overshare. Her profile focuses on travel books, special occasions, friends, and family. She follows no more than 500 accounts more crucially, and her account is secret. She is still an introverted celebrity who dislikes fame and publicity.

Education Status of Trinidad Valentin

There isn’t much information available online about Trinidad’s schooling. She had her first child at 17 and is thus thought to be a dropout, but this is simply speculation. Neither Saweetie nor Trinidad has ever mentioned her education.

Weight and Height of Trinidad Valentin

Valentin has grown to a height of 5 feet 7 inches, equivalent to 170 cm. She also has a healthy body weight, which symbolizes her character and personality. Valentin’s physical weight is around 59 kg or 130 lbs. Trinidad Valentin has kept her physical shape adorable and also looks fabulous. Her body type is thin and attractive. She has 6.5 US shoe size and dark brown hair.

The Career of Trinidad Valentin and Saweetie

Trinidad’s daughter Saweetie was sent to Merrill F. West High School in Tracy. Saweetie went on to attend Monterey Trail High School. Similarly, at San Diego State University, she studied correspondence and business. Saweetie, a Trinidadian girl, became interested in music when she was 13. Saweetie began composing music at a very young age. In addition, after graduating from college, she focused her full attention on her rap career. Unexpectedly, Saweetie has received RIAA platinum certification for Icy Girl.

It was her first entry into the rap industry. Warner Records quickly signed her. Lou Burrell is now dealing with her. Trinidad’s daughter is doing well in life and is achieving great success. Her daughter has an eloquently written Wikipedia page. Valentin begins as a music video model. Saweetie discovered information about her mother in a scene from The Icy Life in 2020. Saweetie claims that her mother enjoys cameras and has always been a video person. Saweetie claimed her mother was a video lady. In the mid-2000s, Trinidad showed up for the music sessions of some of hip-hop’s critical performers. She brilliantly included Nelly’s Ride With Me and DMX’s.

Professional Life of Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad began her career as an American model. Trinidad Valentin disclosed in a YouTube video that she used to be a video model. In her teens, she worked as a web model, featuring in music videos such as Nelly’s Ride Wit Me and DMX’s. Apart from her career, Trinidad is best known as Sweetie’s mother. She owes most of her popularity to her daughter and loves being referred to as Saweetie’s mother. Valentin’s daughter’s name is Saweetie, and she is so proud of her that she mentions her in her 2017 song “High Maintenance.” Although her marital status is publicly known, Trinidad’s personal life is invisible. Saweetie was born to model Trinidad Valentin and former footballer Johnny Harper. Trinidad is also married to Johnny Harper, a former American football player. Trinidad and Johnny Harper are both happily married and have three children together. Saweetie is their firstborn child, and they follow him with twins Maya and Milan.

The couple has a lovely family. Saweetie adores her younger siblings as well. In an interview, Harper expressed gratitude for being blessed with such a wonderful family. He said his pride in being the father of his children, and he is especially pleased to see Saweetie achieve the success she deserves.

Relationships and Marital StatusIs Trinidad Valentin married?

Trinidad Valentin married Johnny Harper in the early 1990s. Harper is a well-known football player in San Francisco. It was a love marriage with Trinidad Valentin.

The rest of the world is well aware of her marital status. Trinidad Valentin, a model, and Johnny Harper, a retired footballer, gave birth to Saweetie. Trinidad is also married to Johnny Harper, a former American football player. They both have three children and are happily married. Saweetie is their first child, and twins Maya and Milan follow him. The couple has a cute family of five kids.

Saweetie also enjoys her younger brothers. In an interview, Harper expressed his thankfulness for being blessed with such a lovely family. He is proud to be the father of his children, and he is especially thrilled to see Saweetie prosper. 


Trinidad Valentin became well-known as a model and actress following her daughter’s breakthrough as an American rapper. She appeared in music videos, web series, TV shows, and other projects throughout her career. She married a footballer at a young age. Valentin gave birth to three children but has officially claimed the title of Saweetie’s mother.

Trinidad Valentin’s FAQs

Trinidad Valentin originates from where?

Chinese-Filipino Nationality of Trinidad Valentin.

What is the Nationality of Trinidad Valentin?

Trinidad Valentin is National of Santa Clara, California USA.

What is the Net Worth of Trinidad Valentin?

Trinidad Valentin’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

What were the videos of Trinidad Valentin?

Trinidad Valentin appears in Nelly’s Ride With Me song video.

Who is the husband of Trinidad Valentin?

Trinidad Valentin’s husband is Johnny Harper.

What is the real name of Trinidad Valentin Daughter?

Diamonte Quiava Trinidad Valentine’s famed daughter is Valentin Harper, also known as Saweetie.

Is Trinidad Valentin, she still married?

Yes she is still in marriage with his husband Johnny Harper. In the early 1990s, Harper was a well-known football player for the San Francisco 49ers. It was a love marriage, and on July 2, 1993, the couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

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