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What Are Some Fascinating Realities About Partying In Goa?

TravelWhat Are Some Fascinating Realities About Partying In Goa?

Partying in Goa is something that has been on top of the fantasies of millions of people in India and foreign tourists alike. With over 7,000 clubs, pubs, and discotheques in the state, Goa has always been capped as the party-state of the subcontinent largely due to its safe but loose regulations, convivial vibe, and cheap booze. The Goan partying experience has a different vibe to it altogether, something that you will not find anywhere else in India. And not to mention its laid-back and relaxed ambiance, which is palpable in its weather and in fact, in its air. Visiting floating cruises in Goa is another exciting party destination for many people. So without any further ado let’s dig a little deeper to understand and discover what makes partying in Goa so special:

  1. Partying on the Beach near the Shacks

It’s a no-brainer why beach parties begin during the tourist season in October because unwinding during the evening is the core mantra of Goans. And when those beach parties are actually accompanied by beach shacks then the enjoyment increases manifolds. You will find several beach shacks springing up during the peak season. Although the majority of them are diners, there are a few that are bars and clubs that remain open until the wee hours of the morning.

Some of the beaches where you can find these parties are Palolem, Anjuna, Morjim, and Baga while some of the popular beach shacks are Pina Colada beach shack, Curlies, Johncy’s beach shack, La Plage, etc.

  • Goan Nightclubs And Bars

Despite being a party hub, Goa has been one of the safest places for women in India because it celebrates the idea of having good times with the motto of chill, and letting others chill. And the nightlife of Goa is basically ignited with these nightclubs and bars that serve affordable beverages and great music to dance to. No wonder the tourists here sense the feeling of calm and worries edging away!

Here are a few famed nightclubs and pubs that you might want to check out in case you’re looking to cool off with beverages like Titos, SInQ, LPK, Mambos, and bars like Zanzibar, Cavala, Brittos.

  • Night Markets and Late Hours Rented Bike Rides

Aside from boozing and dancing, another exciting aspect of Goa’s nightlife is touring and strolling through its night markets. You can find some unusual and incredible items there like exotic spices, antiques, jewelry, and other varieties of products like food stalls with local cuisine, live entertainment with musicians and performers. Some of the popular night markets are Saturday Night Market, Arpora Saturday Night Market, and Anjuna Flea Market.

While the night markets are great to visit, you can also explore the city during the late hours on rented vehicles. There are some fantastic places for late-night drives. You can ride along the riverfront near the Arpora-Baga border or just cruise to Miramar through beautiful Panjim’s streets.

  • Parties on Night Cruises

It’s one thing to party all night on a beach but what if we tell you that you can actually groove to some crazy music during the night in the middle of the river on a cruise? Yes, Goa is famous for its parties or nightlife on these river cruises which you can board for just 300 bucks per head. You can take these cruises from Miramar near Mandovi River and the ride lasts for up to two hours. Typically, these party boats or Yachts leave the banks of Mandovi from 7 pm onwards. So take this opportunity to party your way through this wonderful river.

  • From Karaoking to Go-Karting

Apart from those great dance moves, if you have a penchant for singing and making the audience go wild, then Panaji’s Karaoke bars are your thing. Because it’s no fun at a party until someone gets on the stage and actually shows their talent off but make sure you go there during the weekdays as karaoking is closed during the weekends at these bars. And once you’ve done enough singing you can also head out to North Goa to try your hand at go-karting. It’s a great way to let yourself loose and pump up that extra bit of adrenalin that’s rushing through your veins

In North Goa, Track II in Arpora is a popular professional race track for go-karting. And you race under the able guidance of experts who are always watching and all this at a very reasonable charge of 300 bucks for 10 laps.

  • Gaming Night at Casinos

When you’re done with adventure sports and wish to try your luck, then there’s no dearth of famous casino cruises in Goa. And the most upscale and largest of all casinos not just in Goa but in entire Asia is Deltin Royale. It’s a one-stop location for all the onsite entertainment, gaming, fine dining, and a whole lot of fun. The gambling section has all the latest gigs and poker games with slot machines including all the other varieties. Plus the best part of Deltin is its luxury gambling cruise where the fun can get to the next level. Some of the best casinos of Deltin are Deltin Royale, Deltin Pride, and Deltin Jaqk.

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