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What is Turinabol – Guide about Turinabol Cycle

HealthWhat is Turinabol – Guide about Turinabol Cycle

What Is Turinabol

Turinabol is an androgenic anabolic steroid also known as 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (Tbol), taken orally, Derived from testosterone. It causes little water retention. It was initially used for medical purposes to treat patients with Anemia and muscle loss due to various diseases. And now It is widely used by athletes (both men and women), weightlifters, and body builders in order to improve metabolism process, strengthen the muscles and stamina, maximize the muscles size and improve your endurance, that helps to improve the overall performance. And not just this, But it also helps in speeding up the recovery of muscle damages at a higher rate, Along with improving physical appearance.

It is used for cutting cycles. Turinabol is a safer choice as compared to many other steroids since it has a low anabolic ratio and (less androgenic). Of course it is, only when taken the recommended dosage. To consume Tbol, You must start with low dosage, as high doses have various side effects that could damage the vital organs of your body and may land you in hospital according to the experiences of its users shared on the Internet.

Turinabol Cycle (Tbol Guide) – Steroid Cycles

Benefits Of Turinabol

As you learned above, Turinabol has mild anabolic ratio as compared to other steroids, it is a safer choice for cutting cycle. It fastens fat burning process and gives you so many benefits that help you strengthen. Following are some more benefits of turinabol that you need to know. 

  • Turinabol is totally recommended for cutting cycles. It helps in reducing excess body fats gained during muscle building; effectively since it interferes with metabolism. Of course this makes the steroid best among many since it helps in losing weight and gain at the same time.
  • Turinabol helps in muscle growth. As you read above that it is used by bodybuilders, Tbol offers just another useful feature for them as it enhances athletic performance. It is widely used by bodybuilders for this purpose.
  • It helps you strengthen and enhances your stamina that will make you push beyond. This also helps in increasing your endurance ability.
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Side Effects Of Turinabol

Along with the above mentioned benefits, turinabol has various side effects as well. It can result in hair loss, increase cholesterol that may lead to heart diseases if used certainly. It has many other side effects that you need to know, mentioned below.

● It can result in liver damage. Turinabol increases liver enzyme values and that may make your liver suffer with various diseases like peliosis hepatitis, hepatic tumors and jaundice. 

● It can cause mood swings. Just like all the other steroids, Turinabol can affect your hormones that cause mood swings and may make you irritable.

● It can cause your skin to get oily just like all other steroids, If not used the recommended dose. It may lead to acne.

● Suppressed testosterone levels, HDL cholesterol, Virilization and the risk of cardiovascular are some of just other side effects of tbol.

The Right Dosage of Turinabol

There is injectable turinabol available as well, but it is not preferred in order to minimize the risk of liver damage. As you read the above side effects of Tbol, Remember they are all caused mostly because of improper or high doses. If you want to run a good oral turinabol cycle, you must pay attention to the dosage beforehand. Note that even oral turinabol is recommended for those having a healthy liver and no other medical issues since it has a risk of liver toxicity. As a beginner, you must begin with the mild dosage.

Dosage as Beginner

WeekTurinabolLiver Protection
1 to 860 mg per day3 tabs per day

Cycle for Beginner Female Users

WeekTurinabolLiver Protection
1 to 65 to 7.5 mg per day3 tabs per day

Male Tbol stack cycle:

WeekTurinabolTestosterone EnanthateLiver Protection
1 to 830 mg per day300 to 500 mg per week3 tabs / day
9 to 12N/A300 to 500 mg per week3 tabs / day

Intermediate Users Turinabol

WeekTurinabolTestosterone CypionateDeca DurabolinLiver Protection
1 to 860 mg per day100 mg per week400 mg per week3 tabs / day
9 to 12N/A100 mg per week400 mg per week3 tabs / day

Turinabol Cycle for Female Users

To gain lean muscle mass female users stack Turinabol with Anavar to get effective results. 

WeekTurinabolAnavarLiver Protection
1 to 25 mg per dayN/A3 tabs / day
3 to 8N/A10 mg per day3 tabs / day

Turinabol PCT Cycle

When you consume Turinabol dosage, it will suppress the natural testosterone production level. So, post-cycle therapy helps you start reproducing the natural testosterone level and bringing your body to its normal state. To perform PCT, bodybuilders use various supplements such as Nolvadex, Clomid, and HCG. Here is the PCT cycle for beginner’s users:

Turinabol (Tbol): Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Cycle, & Natural Alternative

The cycle varies from 4 to 6 weeks for beginners, as an ideal one. And a 6 weeks cycle for intermediate users. You may begin with 20mg once a day for the 4 weeks cycle as a beginner. And then slowly raise the dose to 50mg per day as a 6 weeks cycle. Advanced users use 80-100mg a day, or higher sometimes, 4 to 8 week cycle. Of course keeping their medical condition in mind. The general medical usage is 5 to 10mg per day. And it goes 1 to 2.5mg for female users.

The half-life of turinabol is 16 hours so you would have to consume it daily. Remember to be careful about the dosage since the dosage is different for all users, depending on which purpose you are using and on your tolerance so do a proper research or consult your doctor first to know what is right for your progress, before running this cycle. Or else the improper dosage might result in various serious health issues mentioned in above.

Turinabol Post-Cycle Therapy

Consuming turinabol reduces the natural production level. So, A post cycle therapy is a must to do in order to help your body start reproducing the natural testosterone level. You would need supplements like nolvadex and clomid to start a PCT cycle, as a beginner and as well as an advanced user.

Turinabol (Tbol): Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Cycle, & Natural Alternative

To begin the PCT as a beginner, 20mg Nolvadex and a 50mg Clomid is recommended for week one and two. 10mg Clomid and 25mg Nolvadex for a 3 and 4 weeks cycle. And as for beginners, 30mg nolvadex and a 75mg Clomid is recommended for week one. 20mg Nolvadex and a 50mg Clomid goes for week two. 10mg Nolvadex and 50 mg Clomid goes for week three. 10mg Nolvadex and 25mg Clomid is the recommended dose for week four. A PCT helps restore the body’s natural hormone levels. When taken over 4 weeks, It will help you increase your testosterone levels, reduce estrogen levels, hair loss and acne.

Week 120 mg50 mg
Week 220 mg50 mg
Week 310 mg25 mg
Week 410 mg25 mg

For Advanced Users PCT Cycle

Week 130 mg75 mg
Week 220 mg50 mg
Week 310 mg50 mg
Week 410 mg25 mg

Turinabol of course offers many benefits to athletes, bodybuilders and weight lifters. It is a safer alternative for many other steroids but only if taken the right dosage. There is no risk of side effects if taken recommended doses. Remember the over dose of any steroid including turinabol can be threatening and result in serious diseases. Many professional athletes and bodybuilders have experienced effective results including both men and women.

Although you may find proper and recommended dosage on the Internet, Do consult your doctor first. Since the usage depends on your tolerance. 

Note: Be careful when buying the product as you may get fooled my websites selling fake products, and the dosage suggested above is not for you all, it may harm you or benefit you, best suggestion is to consult with specialist who can suggest you according to your diet and body.

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