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What Upgrades Make Your Car Faster?

AutoWhat Upgrades Make Your Car Faster?

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the best ways to upgrade the speed of your BMW car? As you seek BMW performance parts, look for options that add power and mobility. By making these factors a priority, your car stands to gain the best performance.

As they say at CarBahn Autoworks, “With the right performance measures, you’ll be able to maximize the efficiency of your car.” When you obtain the best performance upgrades, you can customize your car to meet your exact desires.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the top upgrade options that can help make your car run faster.

Upgrade The Air Intake System

Air intake systems contain a pipe with an air filter attached to the end. The purpose of the air intake is to allow your car’s engine to intake more air. Car engines run on a mixture of both fuel and air. The intake system allows your car to breathe easier and run more smoothly.

As you upgrade the air intake system, you’ll want to make sure your engine receives cold air. By providing it with more cold air, you can increase the car’s power. With more power comes a faster speed for your BMW car.

Upgrade The Fuel System

You can also complement your air intake system by upgrading your car’s fuel system. Here are some of the high-flow fuel system parts you’ll need to improve your car’s performance:

  • Filters
  • Injectors
  • Pumps

You’ll also need a sizable gas line to enable your car to consume more fuel in each cylinder. These components help provide your BMW with the proper air/fuel ratio it needs for a faster speed. With an up-to-date fuel system, your car will be on a path towards achieving its potential.

Tune The ECU System Of Your Car

ECU tuning is a software update that removes factory restraints on a car to improve its performance. There are many ways you can tune the engine of your BMW.

Tuning Box

The most common way to tune an engine is with a tuning box. These BMW performance services work by changing the signal between the ECU software and the fuel injection system.

These efforts help increase the amount of fuel injection, which enables the engine to boost pressure. As these events occur, your car will stand to gain torque, power, fuel efficiency, and speed.

Full Engine Management Systems

A Full Engine Management System (FEMS) can serve you well if you seek maximum tunability measures. The primary users of a FEMS system are car owners who have highly tuned cars. Here are four ways a FEMS system helps your BMW car perform to its potential:

  • Ensures the right amount of fuel for your engine
  • Inspects the load and speed of your engine
  • Monitors engine temperature
  • Provides the spark for your ignition

These measures help improve your engine’s horsepower, timing, and fuel/air mixture. You’ll also stand to gain fuel efficiency and speed in the process.

Make Your Car Lighter

If you own an older BMW performance car, there’s a good chance it contains heavy-duty materials. They tend to be more noticeable on small BMWs with smaller engine displacements. All these elements can cause your car to slow down drastically.

An easy way to reduce your car’s weight is to replace its body panels with carbon fiber or GRP parts. Taking these steps can go a long way in helping reduce the strain on your car. What your car will also gain are better gas mileage and faster speed. These benefits will, in return, lead to better overall performance for your BMW.

Upgrade Your Exhaust System

You can also maximize the speed of your car by upgrading your car’s exhaust system. The exhaust system is a critical component of determining your car’s overall performance. 

When you invest in a new or aftermarket BMW performance exhaust, you can ease the flow of the exhaust. Taking this measure will help reduce the amount of restriction within an engine. You’ll also be able to free up some of the power in your car’s engine. With these efforts, your BMW can reach its performance potential and lead you towards a faster speed.

Choose BMW Performance Parts That Provide Your Car With The Best Speed

As you see BMW performance parts for your car, look to make power and productivity a priority. As CarBahn Autoworks recommends, “Upgrades that focus on efficiency will help maximize your car’s speed and power.” With the best upgrades, your car shall perform at the highest level.

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