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Why It Is Important to Have a Translator When – Going to a Business Meeting?

BusinessWhy It Is Important to Have a Translator When - Going to a Business Meeting?

The world has turned into a global village. The businesses are now expanding their bandwidth and are entering new territories to trade and offer their services. The digital world has enabled trade in countries that are miles and miles away from the home country. One thing that acts as a catalyst for this growth – are professionals and agencies that offer translation and interpretation services. While the world is turning into one big global village – this village is vast with multiple languages and cultures. Interpreters and translators come into the picture as saviors that help bridge this gap created by different languages.

The Need for a Professional Translator or an Interpreter

Businesses have often underestimated the importance of a professional translator and interpreter when it comes to global expansion. They believe that any multi-lingual person can help with the translation part. This thought can’t be farther away from the truth. Translation and interpretation require multiple skills. They don’t only understand both the languages in-depth. Still, they know business decorum and acceptable professional behavior; along with that, they can instantly switch between the languages and remember everything n detail. He can provide on-the-spot on-point translation, something that someone with only a basic understanding of both languages can’t offer. Let’s look at how a professional translator and interpreter can help your business meetings and why they are essential.

Six reasons it is crucial to have a translator and interpreter in a business meeting.

Professional interpreters and translators can make the communication process smooth.

Imagine cracking a deal in a scenario where whatever you say is only partly understood by the person you are trying to convince when you talk in one language the other person only barely understands. There is no second-guessing on how that deal would turn out. Smooth and effective communication are the bedrock of any successful meeting – a professional translator helps you achieve exactly that. With the help of a professional translator, you can iron out all the creases in your communication.

Translators and Interpreters understand the level of formalness required in the meeting.

It’s not just the language skills that are important when translating a formal business meeting. There is a specific business decorum that has to be maintained too. An experienced translator understands how they need to conduct themselves. They also apprehend the level of professionalism required in the meeting. Your translator’s job is not limited to translating; in a business scenario, they turn into your representative – your client judges your business and your company based on how your translator represents your company.

Translators understand the culture.

Different cultures have different notions of acceptable business behavior. While few cultures might be leaning more towards casual meetings and open office cultures, other cultures might require a serious approach. A professional translator understands these cultural differences. For example, an American business that wants to interact with a Korean company – both the cultures are apart and have a very concept of what a business meeting should look like. But professional Korean translators understand how to bridge this gap. They can communicate your message to create maximum impact in the said language without offending your clients.  

Interpreters add the human touch and help with establishing a relationship and creating bonds.

Picture this you are trying to cut your business’s costs and choose to go with computer-based or machine-based translation. Can you imagine establishing a relationship in a scenario where your Korean translation sounds mechanical and inhuman? You might lose out on the deal, and in turn, cost your company considerable dollars in business in the quest of saving a few bucks.

Humans need humans to connect and establish a bond. A professional translator can help you select a robust business relationship with your client.  

They help with effective communication without any blunders.

Translators understand what phrases and what emotions work in which culture. A sentence that sounds powerful and relatable in one language might lose its meaning in the other. A sentence said to evoke a particular emotion might lose its essence in the translation. But professional translators can save you from this blunder – they understand what your message is trying to convey, the emotion it is trying to evoke, and effectively translate it into the other language.

They make sure there is no room for misunderstanding left.

Okay, so your clients have a working understanding of your language, so you decide to skip hiring a professional translator. But by doing so, you are opening the door wide open and giving misunderstandings a room to enter. The chances of your clients misapprehending what you are saying is high – this miscommunication while laying out the terms and forming contracts can turn out to be harmful. However, with the help of a professional translator, there is no room left for misunderstanding.


Make sure you hire a professional and experienced translator for your business meetings. If a full-time translator’s cost is too much, you can always hire freelance or independent translators for your project. Visit our website to find a few professional and high-rated translators.

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