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Why Should You Go For Microsoft Office Certification?

EducationWhy Should You Go For Microsoft Office Certification?

The Microsoft Office Suite is still considered the gold standard in office software even though it was released 25 years ago. If you want to start your career in business then you can consider becoming a Microsoft Office Specialist. You can use your training and skills in a variety of business functions across many different industries. Microsoft Office Certification provides the necessary skills required to perform many different tasks essential to run a business. MOS certification is meant for professionals willing to build proficiency in one or more types of office applications. The MOS certified professionals use the knowledge center to enhance the productivity of an organization. They work with the computer-related issues coming in office-related software to resolve it. MOS experts are an integral part of businesses because they perform tasks like writing correspondence through MS-word, email (microsoft business email) programs, analyzing data sets.

Certified as Microsoft Office Specialists are capable of completing their assigned work on time even working with non-certified professionals. The MOS certified professionals are working in almost every sector like Telecom, IT, administration, and many others. They collaborate with the many different departments to deliver reports using the Microsoft Office suite applications. More than 90% of businesses provide their employees with Microsoft Office applications and train their staff to use the applications.

You might want to learn the entire Office Suite but it’s more important to gain specialization in the applications that are most useful for your career. For example, Excel is used in payroll or accounting, PowerPoint in creating presentations, and Word is the most popular text processing program in the world used for creating text formats.

MOS certification validates that you know about Microsoft applications, including how to:

  • Integrate applications
  • Insert and format graphics
  • Create and manage references
  • Create tables, lists, and graphs
  • Create, edit, manage and save documents
  • Format and manipulate text and paragraphs

In the applications like Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word you can achieve the specialist level qualification.

Job Responsibilities that are given to a Microsoft Office Specialist

The main responsibilities of a Microsoft Office Specialist:

  • Providing backup for the front desk
  • Providing data entry support to superiors
  • Monitoring and responding to email communication
  • Performing finance, administration, and other departmental work
  • Preparing communication, reports, presentations with the help of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Scheduling reviews, meetings, and conferences as per the requirements of the clients or businesses
  • Inspecting the various support functions of an office, business that are based on client-specific requirements

Require education and training needed for becoming MOS certified

There are some educational requirements and a high school diploma or training program to boost up your skills. With the help of certifications, you will gain proficiency in Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Outlook. The expert category certifications require a huge amount of knowledge to be obtained.

Microsoft Office is a demanded tool to gain the best results and complete the assigned tasks. These tools help the organizational SOP to stay connected and move further. MOS certification showcases your acquired skills and knowledge of the complete features and functionality of Microsoft Office applications.

If you are enrolled in office 365 or MCSE certification, then getting Microsoft Office Specialist certification will be a good option to start with.

Certified Microsoft Office Specialist professionals have great skills that will help you stand apart from non-certified ones.

There are different types of specialist exams based on different of the Microsoft editions:

  • MS Office 2007
  • MS Office 2010
  • MS Office 2013

As per reports, the average salary of a MOS certified candidate is around USD 49,000 annually. Some surveys also reported that the job outlook for the MOS certified is expected to have a 3% growth in opportunities from 2014 to 2024.

If you want to enhance your career prospects with this certification then uCertify is the right choice for you. We offer you the best study resources to prepare you for the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other Office applications. The Microsoft Office Word 2016 course covers the MOS Word 2016 exam objectives and teaches you how to create and manage documents; format text, paragraphs, and sections; create tables and lists; design advanced documents, and create advanced references and custom Word elements. So, use our course and accelerate your career trajectory.

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