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Looking For A New Teaching Job: Top Advice For Your Job Hunt

DIY & How ToLooking For A New Teaching Job: Top Advice For Your Job Hunt

According to recent statistics, more teachers are leaving the profession than ever before. This is a trend that has been going on for many years now too. The combination of increasing class sizes, lack of classroom support, and stagnation in salaries are all likely contributing factors. Teachers just don’t have the same deal as they did in the past.

It’s fair to say that not all schools are the same. Whilst there is a curriculum to follow, other aspects like school ethos can have a dramatic effect on the working environment that teachers find themselves in. With this in mind, it’s also fair to say that teachers should consider the fact that they may simply be working in the wrong school for them.

So what can you do if you’re a teacher who is unhappy at work? Well, the first place to start is to look at your options…

Consider Your Wants and Needs

Teachers want to prioritise their pupil’s best interests. This sounds great in principle, but in reality, not all pupils want to explore their best interests. 

When it comes to quality teaching, it is important that teachers also prioritise their own interests. This will make them more engaged in the classroom and generally perform better in their roles. 

As with any job seeker, the main thing to do before you start applying for jobs is to consider what you want from your new role/ head teacher/ employer. Assess what is important to you in terms of lifestyle too. Things like commuting long distances and not having enough downtime can really impact your wellbeing over time. Not to mention getting in the way of a personal life too!

Also consider what you want from your career. Finding somewhere you can see yourself growing in a nurturing environment. It can be difficult to get a deep insight during interviews, but there are many resources available that you can use to research different schools.

Talk To Someone

It may not be prudent to speak to your colleagues about your thoughts of leaving a job. However, friends and family can be a great sounding board. They also usually have your best interests in mind too. Having a chat about how you’re feeling about work and career can be good to work out where you want to go… and why you want to go there! Sound your ideas off and share your thoughts with people who can help you find the right solutions.

It may be worth speaking to a careers advisor or specialist teaching recruitment agency, as they usually have very good knowledge of recruitment in the education sector. There are also online resources that can be a great help too.

Get Your CV Ready

Preparing a CV helps you hone in on what you like and dislike about your current role. As you work through updating your CV, you should use this as inspiration for finding something more suited to your career goals.

When it comes to writing your CV, try to summarise information concisely. Avoid going into too much detail and try to keep the document to 2-4 pages.

Search For Suitable Job Openings

There are a variety of different online job boards. Google even finds jobs for you if you just search for what you’re looking for. There are also many job openings for teachers across the country, so you are unlikely to be short on options. 

Also try to keep an open mind too. For example, whilst you may be looking for a permanent job, you may come across many temporary positions. Don’t necessarily write these off at frist glance. It could be an opening to a school that would be perfect for you (and vice versa). Also keep in mind that temporary positions often lead to permanent job offers later down the line. 

What about supply teaching? Supply teaching jobs can be a pretty rewarding way to work for some people. You aren’t committed to one place for long periods of time. You can choose to work two or three days per week, or full-time if you prefer. This element of control over your work routine is appealing for many teachers not matter what stage of their career. Working in different schools can be great if you are in the early stages of your teaching career. This is because it allows you to experience a range of different teaching environments in a short space of time. 

Take Action

You will get to the stage where you just have to take a leap of faith. Once you have considered your options and been through the job search, start applying for roles and see what responses you get. You may have interview offers before you know it!

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