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5 Essential SEO Strategies For Your New Startup

SEO5 Essential SEO Strategies For Your New Startup

Search engine optimization (SEO) for Startups can be an excellent opportunity to capture business in a sustained and profitable way. In a competitive market the truth is that if you do not consider an SEO strategy appropriate to the needs of our startup can become a nightmare.

SEO marketing offers many benefits to startups who are looking to improve their online visibility while also minimizing their reliance on paid marketing. The benefits are endless, but SEO marketing does take time for startups so you should make sure that you have the time and resources to build an SEO strategy that lasts.

Since startup SEO is a broad subject we should look at the top 5 points for how your startup can create a profitable and lasting SEO strategy.

1. Creative Content

The big problem for companies today is to catch the attention of users who may become potential customers. With the vast amount of information and formats it seems complicated to stand out from the competition and, although the SEO positioning strategy is essential to attract the right niche, it is also necessary that there is a critical content that is worth consuming.

Without your own interesting and helpful content that your audience is looking for then your startup will never achieve high rankings in Google and other search engines. This means that a lot of time should be invested in the planning and development of content (texts, videos, graphics).

You can hire a freelance copywriter to help you research, create, and optimize content if your startup does not have the time or resources to create content in-house.

The most important thing when creating the content is that the user intention behind a search query is the focus of the creation. Google includes user signals in its search results, so satisfied visitors are a positive signal for Google, and happy visitors are potential customers at the same time.

2. Social Media Platforms

As mentioned before, branding and raising awareness of start-ups is critical to establish your own brand. Social media channels can help a lot, as there are potential customers looking for your information on various social channels. The brand and product presentation succeed there often playful and without the tremendous financial expense.

For search engines, this usually sends positive signals, but whether they are included in the rating of a website, is not yet known. But one thing is sure: Social media channels increase the number of visitors to one’s own site, convey the message of the company and make it better known.

Get social at Facebook, Twitter and Co.! Stick to it: the beginning is difficult even in social media channels.

3. Video Marketing Is Seeing An Upward Trend

The last few years have seen an increase in the importance that Google has given to this content format. As you may have noticed, Google is already showing video results in its search rankings, so we must incorporate the optimization of this content in our SEO positioning strategy. Therefore, we will be guided by the following criteria:

First, the video has to be attractive and add value. It will be of little use to us to apply the principles we are going to see below if the video is of no interest to anyone given that it will neither be voted nor shared and we will lose the positioning.

The techniques of positioning videos are not so different from those of positioning text. The title must also contain the keywords, be attractive and have an extension not exceeding 60 characters (since we not only want to position it on YouTube but also on Google itself).

The description is also essential when posting the video, so you must optimize it. The first two or three lines will be shown in the search results so try to make them attractive and descriptive of the video.

Label the video always thinking how the user is going to look for you

Social activity is critical to positioning videos. Therefore, set up privacy so that you allow users to share, vote, and comment on the video.

And finally, send Google a video sitemap to make it easier for them to index all the videos you have on your website.

4. User Experience

No matter what industry your business is in, you rely on your website to build trust, provide services, answer questions from potential customers, and sell products. So you need a holistic online presence to generate qualified traffic and increase conversions on your site.

An optimized website experience means that a user will spend more time on the website and its content and, ideally, return to the website. Great user experience is critical to the user experience on the site. SEO tries to attract the right people and provide them with relevant answers to their search queries.

The UX seeks to improve the visitor experience and loyalty by improving the usability of the site so that users can interact with the brand, as well as to understand their products and services better.

The website should always be kept up to date. It should regularly be added new content and stories of your start-ups, and the material is constantly updated. For both search engines and users, this is an essential positive indication that something is happening on the website (and thus also in your company!).

5. The Analysis Is Fundamental To Improve Our Web Positioning Strategy

Any action in digital marketing must pursue the achievement of a specific objective. Therefore, once you have made your SEO positioning strategy, you must analyze your results in for improvements.

There is a set of free marketing tools for small business that will help you with this task.

Google Webmaster Tools gives you some faults of your website, tracking problems that Google has had when indexing your content and so on.

Google Analytics is the primary analysis tool for Google. It provides you with valuable information about the average duration of visits, the bounce rate, the type of device through which you obtain your traffic, etc. Also, it still provides information on the terms through which you receive organic traffic.

SEMrush provides you with information about the position you occupy for each keyword. However, this information is becoming less accurate given that the search results depend on your geographical location, your search history and, recently, the people you have in your Google+ circles, etc.


In the current market a good SEO strategy is not an option but a necessity. By initiating a targeted SEO strategy the visibility of your company is increased, the brand awareness is strengthened, and more visitors are directed to your website.

On the other hand, a badly executed SEO campaign will even damage your site and company. The search engines will also penalize websites without SEO strategy and may even completely remove them from the search results. For this reason, a professional and targeted SEO strategy is of great importance for the future of a young or starting company.

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