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5 of the best ways to enjoy London from a higher level

Travel5 of the best ways to enjoy London from a higher level

The best way to truly take in the stunning sights of London is to enjoy experiences from a height. England’s capital is truly breathtaking, and while there’s certainly much to see and do while on the ground, we’re looking at 5 of the best ways to enjoy London from a higher level.

1) The London Eye

Though perhaps the most obvious suggestion, a visit to The London Eye is the ultimate way to experience the beauty that is London from a vast height. This particular ferris wheel (the tallest ferris wheel in Europe!) was designed by seven architects and constructed over a seven-year period. Now, that’s impressive.

The London Eye is open all year round – so you don’t need to plan your trip around it – and tickets can be purchased on the day or in advance. At the peak of the 30-minute trip, you’ll be 443 ft in the air with spectacular views of ‘the big smoke’.

2) The Shard

Where better to view London from a height than from London’s tallest building? Though the building itself measures a staggering 1017 ft, the highest part open to the public is the gallery on level 72 – only 800 ft high.

We say ‘only’ rather sarcastically. A visit to this skyscraper promises panoramic views of the capital that you won’t find anywhere else, and that you won’t be in a hurry to forget. The views aren’t the only thing that’ll pull you to this tourist attraction, either. The Shard offers three floors of bars and restaurants, and even a hotel.

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3) Bars & Hotels

The next time you’re in London and you’re itching to experience a trip above, how about a hotel with a rooftop bar? Not only will you get the stunning, sought-after view, but you’ll also get to enjoy it with your favourite cocktail (or two).

What’s more, you won’t have to travel too far in order to get safely and comfortably into your bed once the night is over. Viewing London from a height can be a rewarding yet exhausting experience…

4) Tower Bridge

Treat yourself to an immersive experience at London’s iconic Tower Bridge. The Glass Floor in the high-level Walkway is open all year round and guarantees visitors a phenomenal birds-eye view of England’s exciting capital. 

How high can you expect to go? Well, 137 ft above the River Thames and 108 ft above road level. During this experience, you’ll be able to lord above London and watch with curiosity as pedestrians whizz around like ants below. 

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5) Tate Modern

There’s more to view and appreciate at London’s famous Tate Modern than just remarkable artwork… Did you know that it’s also extremely popular for its 10-storey Switch House development? 

Having first opened in 2016, you can expect to drink in 360-degree views of the stunning London landscape and, even better, it’s totally free to view! The next time you’re in the capital and you fancy a staggering view that you don’t have to present your cash or credit card for, this is it!

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