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6 Tips for Finding the Best Meal Replacement Shakes

Foods6 Tips for Finding the Best Meal Replacement Shakes

Healthy living is a priority and you must ensure that you do it right to avoid future health complications. Many people struggle to maintain these healthy eating habits due to their busy schedules. Some even find it hard to eat, leave alone preparing it. Those who turn to snacks and fast foods are at risk of weight gain and obesity. On the other hand, those who skip out on meals risk weight loss and nutrition deficiency. A dieting option such as incorporating a meal replacement shake is a practical option that many should look into. Despite being aware of their existence, many are yet to try them out. Many do not know what to look for and are afraid to take that risk. Without further ado, below are a few tips to guide you when getting your meal replacement shake.

1) Check the Composition

As the name suggests, a meal replacement shake is meant to replace your meal, which can only happen when it meets all your dietary needs. If you are looking for weight loss shakes, here are the top meal replacement drinks with a high concentration of proteins, fiber, vitamins, and other weight loss additives to help you complete the journey. Avoid shakes with sugars, fats, and a high-calorie composition since the goal is to reduce their presence in the body. Weight gain, on the other hand, requires you to consume shakes with high carbs concentration.

2) Consider Affordability

Being a long-term plan, you need to ensure you have a long-term strategy to fund this process. For starters, compare prices of products in the market to buy the most affordable for you. Also, consider the value for money by comparing quantity versus cost. To reduce your costs further, consider options offering discounts, bulk buying, and free shipping fee options. While on a trial-and-error basis, consider options with a return policy or samples to try out. However, you can always have a homemade shake using ingredients that meet the standards, quality, and quantity needed.

3) Is the Product Available?

Depending on your option, ensure your shake can easily be purchased or made home. When sourcing ingredients, look for products you can buy from your local store or have a shipment option available. For manufactured products, ensure you can always get these products from your local drug store or ship them within a specific period. Where possible, consider products that have been in the market for a while or from credible manufacturers. Most new entrants in this industry leave within three years of establishment, and you might be left at a loss once they exit. However, do not be quick to dismiss new products just yet. Some will survive the waves and remain in the market longer. As a precaution, consider alternatives with a similar composition as your backup option each time.

4) Safety Concerns

When looking to replace a meal with a shake, many are worried about the health effects of some of the products on their health system and diet. To ensure you only consume safe products, consider those approved by the FDA and GSA since they’ve already passed the safety test. You can also go for products prepared in FDA or GSA-approved facilities, which means they adhere to all the safety guidelines. If you are suffering from a medical condition, consider talking to your physician or wellness coach to get advice on the right shake.

5) Reviews

Consumers, wellness coaches, doctors, and other stakeholders in this industry always have something to say about a product. With different reviews and approaches, you are better placed when making an informed decision. Customers share their experiences about a product, ranging from inquiry to the outcome. Doctors detail how each product interacts with your body and other ingredients when combined. Finally, review sites also ensure you are always informed about a product by consulting all and sharing their unbiased review for all to see. Use such platforms to garner the information needed about a product before settling for the right one.

6) Life Balance

Consuming a meal replacement shake should not affect your life negatively. The product should be easy to incorporate with other meals for a healthy outcome. Shakes that cause fatigue or drowsiness should be consumed at night, while those that leave you hyper when you engage in your day-to-day activities. It should also not take center stage as the go-to meal always. Take a maximum of two shakes daily with a real meal or two in between.

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