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Best Essay Writing Apps For Students And Professionals

SoftwareBest Essay Writing Apps For Students And Professionals

Apps for essay writing are tools that can assist students, writers and other professionals in creating high-quality written content. These apps can help with various aspects of the writing process, including organization, research, drafting, editing and proofreading.

Some of the best essay writing apps offer features like grammar , spell-checking, vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism detection and citation assistance. They can also help with time management by setting deadlines, reminders, breaking up assignments into smaller tasks and tracking progress.

Using these apps can help writers to streamline their writing process, produce better-quality work and save time. They can also help students to become better writers by providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Grammarly is a popular app for essay writing that helps writers to improve their grammar and writing style. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze text, provide suggestions for improvement, including grammar, spelling corrections, suggestions for sentence structure, word choice, tips for improving overall clarity and coherence.

Grammarly can be used as a browser extension, desktop app, or mobile app. It can be integrated with other writing tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. The app is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering additional features like advanced grammar checks, plagiarism in essay writing and a writing score.

Overall, it is a useful tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills, produce high-quality written content. It is particularly helpful for students or professionals who want to ensure that their writing is error-free and easy to read.


Evernote is a note-taking app that can be used for essay writing. It allows users to create, organize notes, documents, images, web pages and to access them from anywhere on any device.

Main benefits of using Evernote for essay writing is it’s organizational features. Users can create notebooks for different projects or topics and within each notebook, they can create individual notes for different sections or ideas. This makes it easy to keep track of research, ideas, drafts and to move things around as needed.

It also offers a variety of formatting options, including text formatting, bullet points and numbered lists, which can be helpful when outlining or drafting an essay. Users can also add tags to their notes to help them find information quickly and easily.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an app that can be used to improve the readability and clarity of writing, including essays. It works by analyzing text and identifying areas where improvements can be made, such as by highlighting long or complex sentences, passive voice, or adverbs.

It is also useful for identifying areas where writing may be too formal or academic, which can be a problem in essay writing. By suggesting ways to simplify and clarify language, it can help writers to create essays that are more engaging and accessible to a wider audience.


Scrivener is an app that is specifically designed for long-form writing projects, including essays, research papers and dissertations. It offers a range of features that can help users to organize, structure their writing, including a digital corkboard, outlining tools and the ability to split documents into smaller sections.

It also offers a range of formatting and exporting options. Making it easy to create professional-looking documents that meet specific requirements. I.e.. it includes built-in templates for different types of academic writing. Allowing users to export their work in a range of file formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF.

It is a powerful tool for essay writing, particularly for longer and more complex projects. It’s organizational tools and formatting options can help users to stay on top of their writing and create professional-looking documents that meet the requirements of their course or assignment.


ProWritingAid is an online writing assistant that offers a range of features to help writers improve the quality of their work. It analyzes written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, style and provides users with suggestions for improvement.

It’s key benefits are that it offers real-time suggestions as users write or helping them to catch mistakes and improve their writing as they go. It also offers detailed reports that highlight areas of strength and weakness in a user’s writing, providing guidance on how to improve over time.

It also includes a range of tools to help with specific writing tasks. Likes checking for passive voice, identifying repetitive phrases and suggesting more concise alternatives. This can be particularly useful for essay writing, where concise and clear writing is often required.

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