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Top 5 Best Tools To Follow For Seo & Digital Marketing

SEOTop 5 Best Tools To Follow For Seo & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a highly competitive industry that requires you to put in a lot of efforts to succeed in your strategies. There are several tasks that you need to wind up on a day-to-day basis. It might not be possible to add more hours to a day, but access to the right tools can help you meet your goals. These tools can help you strategize appropriately and analyse results to survive amidst the cut-throat competition. Here are some of the splendid digital marketing tools that you need to have in your kitty to leverage in 2020. 


Are you serious about enhancing your SEO strategies? Then, SEMrush is the top SEO tool to use! It can assist you in doing keyword research, finding backlink opportunities, and position tracking. You can also conduct a comprehensive SEO audit using it. This all-in-one tool helps you run SEO, content marketing, social media, and PPC campaigns.

SEMrush helps digital marketers to gain an edge over their rivals by providing them valuable insight into what their prospects and customers are interested in. It also shows how rivals are dealing with the same challenge.


Ahrefs is a great choice of analysis and link building tool in the digital marketing space. From doing backlink analysis and preparing audit reports to finding URL rankings and comparing competitive analysis, this is one of the most used tools by successful digital marketing professionals.

Most marketers compare SEMrush vs Ahrefs and make a choice based on their requirements. Both these have many similar features, though they have their unique quirks, which make them valuable in their own ways. While SEMrush is a better option for technical analysis between domains and keyword research, while Ahrefs is great for analysing backlinks.


If you are looking for a good keyword research tool to track a high volume of keywords at a low cost, don’t look beyond SERPstat. This can go a long way in growing the search traffic of your website. You can look up for keywords in various locations from this dashboard.

Similarly, you can track down the keyword phrases and backlinks of your rivals. Besides being a great choice of keyword research tool, it is also a growth hacking tool that has features for technical SEO, link building, PPC and more.


Moz is one of the best marketing tools, thanks to its versatile set of robust features that make it an excellent option for small as well as large businesses. It has a great collection of free and paid features that can help you with keyword research, backlink analysis, and page analytics. It also has an excellent site crawler. You can also use the MozBar plug-in for Chrome to get instant metrics of a web page when you click on it.

Google Analytics

No list of the best marketing tools would be complete without Google Analytics, which is equivalent to the gold standard in web analytics. This free tool helps marketing professionals understand how much content people consume and their behaviour towards the content.

Though Analytics may seem to be an advanced option for novices, it can give plenty of insight into customer behaviour if you spend some time to analyse it and use it to its full capabilities. It helps you understand what kinds of content better resonates with the audience, get to know where your users come from, where they spend most of their time and also find out what your digital strategy should be.

You can find a plethora of marketing tools to handle your digital marketing problems head-on. However, it’s up to you to decide which tool you need to focus on depending on what works best for your goals.

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