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Five Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2018

Top StoriesFive Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2018

Search engine optimization techniques come in handy. They play a significant role in enhancing a websites ranking across search engines. Even so, you need to employ the right techniques, trends and strategies to be on the safer side based on search engines guidelines. Black hat SEO involves the use of strategies that mainly focus on search engines as opposed to web visitors, or strategies that do not comply with set Google algorithms.

Often black hat SEO can be tempting because it is a quick way to achieve a financial return on your website. However, you won’t have a long-term achievement with black hat SEO. What’s even sad is that by using techniques condemned by search engines, your website will not only rank low but you also risk being banned from Google, Yahoo, and Bing among other engines. A point to remember is that a quick and high return business model in an unethical manner can cost you your business. With that in mind, it is imperative that you stay off black hat techniques below.

Top 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2018  


Cloaking is one of the techniques you should avoid in 2018, by all means. It refers to the creation of two types of content on your website. One will target search engines and the other web visitors. While running a business online, it is wise to prepare a website that serves both search engines and web visitors. The content therein should help search engine bots to have a clear idea of what your page is all about, the types of products and services and should be tailored to address search queries.

Additionally, the website should help web visitors to find the right information and solutions to their queries. Keep in mind that search engine bots and web visitors are quite different in the way they locate something on the web. In this regard, create a functional website that serves both worlds. Avoid cloaking since it offers a quick solution for your website to rank yet it exposes it to search engine penalties.

Doorway pages

In SEO, doorways are often used to achieve better ranking for certain keywords. They are pages specifically designed to generate traffic to your website because they are standalone pages. They are a form of advertisement used to entice web visitors to your page. While it can function well to attract mammoth traffic and improve your overall ranking in search engine results, doorways are condemned by Google. Therefore, avoid the use of doorway pages and focus more on creating the right backlists to boost your search engine ranking.

Bait and Switch

Bait and switch is also a black hat SEO that you should avoid. It involves changing a page that has been ranked by search engines and making it appear new. Many SEO experts have used this technique in the past to boost a site’s ranking. However, Google keeps updating its algorithms and SEO guidelines. Techniques that might have worked magic in the past few years, may not offer the same results in 2018.

Therefore, ensure that you avoid page swapping and instead, focus on providing real information to your web visitors. Avoid ‘cheating’ search engines and web visitors by directing them to pages that will not provide the needed information.

Link buying

It is with no doubt that link buying can boost traffic to your site and your brand visibility. Even so, search engines rank top; sites that have quality inbound and back links. These sites have genuine content. Search engines are highly advanced and can easily detect weird activities and penalize your site.

Content spamming

Content is valuable in SEO. However, it is absolutely significant that you include only quality, fresh and unique content in your page. It takes effort, the right resources and the help of an expert to create the best content for your clients. If you want the best traffic to your site, consider creating the right content on regular basis. By doing so, you will avoid any issue related to content spamming, spinning, and stand a chance to boost your overall ranking.

Furthermore, you will enjoy solid brand visibility if your site has fresh, informative and valuable content that appeals to web visitors. Note that Google bots can easily identify sites that have the best dwelling time. Such sites have information that helps Google users.

Lastly, it is worth nothing that content spamming can pop up in different locations including

  • Written paragraphs
  • URLs and Links
  • Page descriptions
  • Tags and titles
  • Headings

As with any SEO technique aimed at enhancing your brand visibility, there should always be a balance between the need to spam content, drive keywords and user experience. You cannot spam information across different pages and expect the best results. Quantity is not and will not be part of the math when it comes to generating the right traffic to your website. Therefore, avoid any spammed content in your website.

Final Thoughts

Black hat techniques are no doubt one of the quickest ways to enhance your online visibility. However, the hassle, stress, and risks of engaging in such techniques are not worth it. Evaluate your SERP standings with and employ the best SEO techniques to achieve long-term SEO benefits.

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