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High Quality Truck Tires Will Save Costs In The Long Run

AutoHigh Quality Truck Tires Will Save Costs In The Long Run

Trucks constantly frequent our highways, putting in high mileage to get goods distributed over the continents. Products produced on the other side of the world, will mainly use container ships across the ocean and then be picked up by a truck at the maritime terminal for further distribution. Since containers were standardized and introduced, the use spread from just military shipments to the main form for shipping of goods across the globe. Containers have made the loading of ships and unloading substantially faster where less manual labor is used. In addition goods are packed so that they can be transported long distances without having to be unpacked until they reach a logistic center, where the goods can be unpacked and redistributed for local distribution.

This whole process has sped up the whole distribution chain, where the delivery times from China to end destination in Europe or US, has been drastically reduced. The trucks will after picking up the containers still drive long distances on land before they reach their final destination.  The trucks will need to be equipped with high quality tires that can ensure that the wear is low despite continuous driving, which can cause heat build up in the tires. For this reason you will need to invest in proper long haul tires. You might also need tires that can work regardless of what weather you might encounter, in some countries you might to have tires that are winter approved.

High quality truck tires will also have lower rolling resistance, so that you save on fuel costs. When you have 18-20 tires on your truck, the rolling resistance should be kept as low as possible. The fuel costs savings and the longer lifetime and less downtime is why an investment in high quality tires will always pay off. Since the trucks are always in motion, the fuel costs are high, so being able to reduce them only due to the fact that they roll easier and consume less fuel.

The advantage of high quality tires is that they can be retreaded. Retreading tires are just as good as new ones, if you use a high quality retreading material. Retreading can only be done on a high quality carcass that has not been damaged and can only be done 1- 2 times before you have to buy new tires. This is of course a further cost saving that can be achieved when you invest in high quality tires, this can significantly lower your tire costs. It is also beneficial for the environment to limit the tyre waste.

High quality tires will improve your profitability of your logistic operations, by benefitting from lower fuel costs, longer lifetime combined with loss unscheduled downtime due to tire failures. Then you can retread the tires at a fraction of the cost of new tires and benefit from using them even longer.

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