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How Many People Talk English in Buenos Aires?

TravelHow Many People Talk English in Buenos Aires?

The English language is one of the predominant languages ​​in most countries of the world. Although there are around 7000 languages ​​on the globe, English is spoken by 1.5 billion people. In addition to being the mother tongue of 370 million people, it is the second or third language of many of the world’s population.

Day by day, the offer of courses or platforms to learn English grows. This phenomenon is not only limited to job requirements, where English is fundamental, but also this language has become an important link between different cultures.

Even in Spanish-speaking countries, a large number of inhabitants have an intermediate or advanced level of English. 

This is the case in Argentina, which is the country with the best level of English in Latin America. The city of Buenos Aires leads the podium together with the cities of Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, and Córdoba.

This is excellent news if you want to learn Spanish in another country. Many foreigners prefer to have Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires because they can also interact in English with the people in this city. This provides some security and autonomy when exploring new countries and cities.

Learn Spanish through the Argentine Culture

Learning Spanish in the city of Buenos Aires guarantees you an excellent level of the language, and you will also be in one of the cities with the most cultural activities in the region.

The Spanish courses are characterized by offering their international students a double experience, learning the language through one of the richest cultures in the region.

The new modalities applied to teaching the Spanish language have turned this city into a recreational and exchange pole for its visitors.

If you do not have references for the best Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, it is convenient that you look for information from people who have already gone through that experience.

Among the most popular opinions, students lean towards Expanish. This institution offers a complete support system to the student while having the most current programs and highly innovative methodologies.

You just won’t notice you’re studying. In Buenos Aires, Spanish courses include truly incredible cultural activities. From touring the city center by bicycle to visiting the picturesque and famous neighborhoods, such as La Boca.

You will be able to visit the main historical and architectural attractions, taste the local gastronomy and learn about the region’s musical styles. You can enjoy a rock concert or a presentation by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Colón Theater, one of the most famous in the world.

You can take dance classes and learn to dance the Tango, one of the unique musical genres born in this city.

There are no limits to the number of things you can do in Buenos Aires, which is why many students stay a little longer after completing their courses.

Tours in Spanish

A good option if you want to test your level of Spanish is to take tours in Spanish. This will allow you to have a real testing scenario for the language and interact with locals.

If you have already done many tours in the city of Buenos Aires, you can take advantage of the excursions to other cities in the country that Expanish school offers.

You can take advantage of these outputs to evaluate how the intonations and pronunciations of the Spanish language differ in the different provinces of Argentina.

A person who lives in the city of Buenos Aires does not speak the same Spanish and has the same ways of speaking as a citizen of Mendoza or San Juan. This is a very enriching experience, being able to interact in Spanish with all its nuances.

In addition, the places that are usually visited on this type of excursion are unique, from the Iguazú Falls to the forests and mountains of Bariloche. Without a doubt, you will know places that will surely take your breath away.

Tips when Choosing Where to Live in Buenos Aires

One of the most complex decisions when traveling to an unknown place, whether to study or to work, is choosing a place to live.

This requires much research time, and you must consider several factors affecting your academic performance.

First, there is the economic factor. What is your budget to invest in housing? This will be a clear limit when evaluating possible places to rent an apartment or a room.

What area of the city should you choose? Here you should think about two important things: safety and proximity to the institution where you will be taking the course.

If you choose a very distant place to live, you should consider the time you will lose taking buses or trains to get around. You may want to pay a little more for rent but live close to where the course will be held.

Another very convenient option is the accommodation services offered by the institution where you will take the course. Due to the problem of choosing a house for international students, most companies that provide Spanish courses also offer different accommodation options.

You can share an apartment or rent a room in a family home, the options are very varied, and you would save yourself the time of research and the paperwork to rent a space.

When you travel to a city you do not know, you should simplify the administrative tasks whenever you can. If there are services that take care of things that you do not know how to do, you should evaluate having this help and avoid the stress of doing it yourself.

With all this information, you have everything you need to choose the best Spanish course that suits your needs

Now all you have to do is pack your luggage and get ready to enjoy everything that Buenos Aires has to offer. 

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