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How to make moving to Arlington easy on your kids?

LifestyleHow to make moving to Arlington easy on your kids?

Moving to a new city can be even more difficult for kids than it is for their parents. Children tend to idealize their old house and neighborhood and become very emotional during the transition. They might be unable to understand their parents’ decision to move and experience fear of moving to a new city. This simple guide will provide you with some helpful tips and information on how to make moving to Arlington easy on your children.

Arlington is a great city for families

There are so many good things we could say about Arlington, TX. It has sunny weather with mild temperatures, great job opportunities, fairly low living costs compared to similar large cities around the country, a highly respected school district, and the original Six Flags, to name a few. No wonder the city has been expanding so rapidly over the past few decades and it continues to expand. All things considered, you’ve made a great choice! The next steps include finding some highly-rated moving companies from this area, choosing a kid-friendly home to live in and, of course, preparing your kids for the move.

Talk about moving to Arlington on time

Choosing the right time to tell them is the best way to make moving to Arlington easier on your children. Older elementary-school students and teenagers should be informed about the move as early as possible. Waiting too long will only make moving with kids harder because they won’t have time to process the news. On the other hand, breaking the news too early might make younger kids anxious.

A sad toy clown in a basket.
Acknowledge your kid’s sadness or anger instead of sweeping it under the rug.

Get your kids involved

Kids often feel powerless. What bothers them the most is that they are not the ones who make decisions. This is why you should listen to their opinions and show that they matter. Moreover, try to involve the kids in as many moving tasks and decisions as you can. For example, go house-hunting together and let them design their new room. Also, they can pack their toys and label the boxes before AM Moving Company takes them to Arlington.

Talk about all the fun things to do in Arlington

Arlington is blessed with an abundance of entertainment options – from museums to theme parks, to movie theaters and sports events. The wide variety of things to do in this city assures something for everyone, including kids. All kids, from toddlers to teens, can have fun in Arlington. The best way to excite your kids about moving to Arlington is talking about all the cool stuff the city offers. Once they realize how much fun they’re going to have, they will be looking forward to the move. Here some suggestions:

A kid and its father sitting and hugging.
Spend more time with your kids after moving to Arlington, TX.
  • Six Flags Over Texas is a theme park that’s been popular with tourists and locals alike for half a century. It offers world-class thrill rides as well as classic family rides. There is also a children’s area for the youngest thrill-seekers.
  • Hurricane Harbor (open May through September) offers all kinds of water adventures. It has family rides, thrill rides, kids’ rides, shopping and dining, not to mention various special events.
  • Arlington loves sports and most venues offer kid-friendly discounts and other experiences. Whether you like baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, football or athletics, there is something to look forward to.
  • Arlington has 80+ parks and green spaces you can visit on a daily basis after moving to Arlington. Some of them are perfect for family picnics, swimming, disc golf, nature walks, and playground time.
  • Arlington Skatium, one of the largest ice skating rinks in Texas, offers all-night skate parties, theme nights, group classes, and discount skate nights.
  • The UTA Planetarium is one of the cheapest and coolest things to do in Arlington with your children. It offers is a variety of shows and special events for people of all ages throughout the year – plus, there’s astronaut ice-cream!
  • River Legacy Living Science Center is another affordable place you can take your kids to. It offers exhibits, trails and education programs. It is one of the area’s most unusual museum destinations. River Legacy Park is an “urban oasis” that features over 400 species of wildlife, hiking and biking trails, and picnic areas.
  • K1 Speed is an indoor karting paradise suitable for people of all ages and experience levels. In addition to cool electric karts, it features a lobby that is part motoring museum part arcade.
  • Knapp Heritage Park takes you back to the early days of Arlington. Here, you can see pioneer cabins, an old school, and a blacksmith barn, and attend a free blacksmith presentation.
  • Your kids will also love Flight Deck Trampoline Park with 90 wall-to-wall trampolines. The park often organizes special jumping events like Neon Night and Toddler Tumble.
Two little girls in a swimming pool.
Arlington is full of kid-friendly attractions. What is your favorite family hangout going to be?

Say goodbye and make memories

Saying goodbye is hard but it can make moving to Arlington a lot easier on your kids.

  • Throw a goodbye party where your kids can say goodbye to all of their friends and make plans to stay in touch with them.
  • Make a memory box with photos of their old house, school, neighborhood, and friends. Your kids could also draw pictures for the memory box.
  • Take them to their favorite places one last time before the move to Arlington and try to come back and visit whenever you can.

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