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What are the most common reasons for people moving to Texas?

Home & GardenWhat are the most common reasons for people moving to Texas?

More and more people choose to move nowadays, for many different reasons. In this trend, Texas is steadily becoming a very popular choice for many, even more so in recent times. If moving is among your immediate plans as well then, but you haven’t decided where to move yet, chances are that it may have something for you. The Lone Star state has many things to offer, after all, so its surge in popularity is only natural; there are many good reasons for moving to Texas. So, take a look at the list and find out if those reasons satisfy your wants and needs.

Higher education opportunities

Thousands of students are attracted to Texas every year, in no small part because Texas has over 200 universities and colleges. Among them are such top institutions of higher education as Southern Methodist University, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, Rice University, and the University of Texas at Austin. Austin, Texas, is even one of the best relocation choices after college, in part because of this very reason; after moving to Texas to study, one may find many reasons to stay. Reasons such as the ones to follow.

Affordable housing

Homeownership is much easier in Texas compared to other states. Land supplies are more abundant, and the land itself is cheaper. Acquiring a building permit is fast and efficient, due to friendlier government policies and comparatively less regulation. Housing is likely among the most crucial factors one should keep in mind when moving; the expense of one’s residence is a very high priority, after all. So Texas does owe much of its appeal to affordable housing. And of course, such local companies as Evolution Moving Company DFW can be relied on to make the relocation process all the easier.

Residential area people often choose when moving to Texas
Housing won’t be an issue when moving to Texas

Employment opportunities

If education is not the goal of one’s relocation, it may well be employment; employment opportunities are arguably among the main reasons for moving to Texas. The state has surged forth and emerged as an economic force, in recent years even more so, due to its considerable growth in the oil and gas sector. Business services have also bloomed due to this growth, no less than technology and manufacturing. All of those factors create many employment opportunities, then, which is evident in the state’s low unemployment rates. When living in New York can prove to be expensive, enough to drive some New Yorkers away, and the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles are equally expensive, Texas can offer more for less – with ample employment opportunities to match.

A higher standard of living

Between those factors, then, it should come as no surprise that Texas offers a higher overall living standard. The cost of living is lower than the United States average – housing prices, public transport, utilities, and even consumer prices are all comparatively lower. Services ranging from medical and educational to business and professional have recently bloomed. Unemployment rates are lower than the national average as well, and there is no corporate income tax or personal income tax. Houston has the 8th highest average annual wage and the highest effective paycheck in the country. The benefits of living and working in Houston, then, cannot be understated.

Warm weather

Texas is considerably hot during the summer months, with average temperatures ranging from 80 to 100 degrees. However, the rest of the year boasts mind temperatures and ample sunshine. Such weather can literally brighten one’s day, improving productivity and making day-to-day life all the more pleasant.  So, if warm, mild weather is to your liking, Texas may be for you. Even if it isn’t, the other factors on this list may still make up for it manifold.

Texas has some beautiful sunsets too.
The warm weather of Texas can be appealing to many – its beautiful sunsets too.

Family life, and the famous southern hospitality

After all else, Texas also boasts an above-average number of children. Combined with housing prices, it’s understandable that it has become a popular relocation destination for families. Schools with very low dropout rates are abundant, and higher education opportunities for the future are still just around the corner. Together, those factors create a very welcoming environment for new families and a very popular moving destination for them. Texas is among the friendliest states in the US, and for good reason; the famous term “southern hospitality” is on full display throughout the state. The rural roots of the South have cultivated a welcoming, hospitable mentality that Texans are not hesitant to show, even in big cities such as Dallas. From heartwarming greetings to ceremonial meetings and parties, those moving to Texas are no doubt going to feel welcome very soon.

Delicious cuisine, and stunning natural beauty

The state of Texas is known worldwide for an unrivaled passion for barbecue.  The Lone Star state provides many excellent restaurant options for meat lovers, where steamy, delicious beef or stab is never too far. From Pecan Lodge in Dallas and Tyler’s Barbecue in Amarillo to Snow’s BBQ in Lexington and Franklin Barbecue in Austin, barbecue options abound. Many such options also come hand in hand with stunning natural beauty within close proximity, too. Texas is full of natural wonders if the cuisine isn’t alluring enough by itself. From Palo Duro Canyon to the soothing coastal island of Padre and the historic Enchanted Rock, Texas is full of natural wonders worth seeing. They are almost too many to count, and certainly too many to neatly fit into a list.

The Big Bend National Park
The Big Bend National Park is but one of many natural beauties in Texas.

The steps towards deciding to move to Texas

Despite all the good reasons one may have in mind, moving can be a hard decision to make. Overcoming one’s fear of moving is an important step, and it does not come as easy for everyone. However, Texas can provide many great reasons for moving there, and its popularity as a destination can only be justified. From affordable housing, education and employment opportunities, and a higher standard of living, all the way to warm weather, family life, hospitality, cuisine, and natural beauty, Texas has something for everyone. If you do decide to make the big step forward, the Lone Star state is more than likely to meet your expectations, and then some.

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