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How to start a career in digital marketing?

MarketingHow to start a career in digital marketing?

Welcome to the digital marketing club!

Are you looking at digital marketing for a career? Great! Welcome to club digital marketing! Deciding to go for a career in digital marketing will definitely go down as one of the most defining choices in your career. 

Digital marketing is the forerunner in the field of marketing today. Over the last decade, digital marketing has seen rapid growth and holds immense potential for further growth. Brands and businesses have been actively switching to digital and investing in digital marketing to promote their products and services. 

So, what gave a jumpstart of this magnitude to digital marketing? To state the obvious – technological advancements and the ongoing digital revolution are some reasons for digital marketing’s growth. Customers today spend most of their time online browsing the internet, and the rise of e-commerce gave them a taste of convenience – of placing an order of almost everything online. 

Today, the online marketplace has become more common and popular than physical marketplaces. Companies are constantly looking to improve their online visibility, and digital marketing helps them achieve that and helps them increase their sales in a much shorter span of time. Businesses have seen successful results in their sales and turnover with digital marketing. Over the years, digital marketing has emerged as one of the most effective and sought-after marketing mediums. 

This growth of digital marketing has resulted in an ongoing demand for digital marketing professionals to meet the various job requirements in the field. So, if you want to take up a career in digital marketing, now is the right time to do so. Read on to learn more about the scope of digital marketing jobs.

Scope for digital marketing jobs

In today’s world, digital marketing holds great scope for aspiring digital marketing professionals to excel in the field. With the ongoing digital revolution, businesses are realising the importance of digital platforms and are actively investing in digital marketing to promote their products and services.

The coronavirus pandemic brought the possibility of carrying out conventional marketing activities to a screeching halt. This is when digital marketing took centre stage and led the marketing movement even as the pandemic continued to thrive. As more and more brands and businesses are flocking towards digital, this marketing domain has become the torchbearer of the field itself. 

The demand for digital has resulted in a subsequent rise in the need for digital marketers to meet the industry’s requirements. Before we discuss how to start and build a career in digital marketing, let us discuss the various job roles that the field offers for you to take up:

1. Social Media Managers: Social media is a great way to start your career in digital marketing. They take care of the end-to-end social media activities of brands. 

2. Digital Marketing Specialists: They take care of allotting budgets and running advertisements for brands across various digital platforms. They are responsible for bringing solid results to the table in terms of leads, conversions, sales, and more.  

3. Content and Copy Writers: They are the ones behind the creative one-liners and content you read online. They plan and define the brand’s language on digital platforms, and they are responsible for any communication that goes on behalf of the brand. 

4. Content Strategists: They are responsible for building a social media and digital marketing content strategy. They ideate, conceptualise, strategise, and in some cases, even execute the campaigns for the brand. 

5. UI and UX Designers: They create user-friendly interfaces and designs that meet the business’ requirements. They translate requirements into design and creatives. 

6. Web Developers: They take care of building, maintaining, and working on the functioning of websites. 

7. SEO Specialists: They are professionals who ensure that the brand ranks and performs well on Google and other search engines. 

Most of these positions are open for freshers as well. If you are an aspiring digital marketer, you can take up an online digital marketing course and get certified. Certification in the subject is an added advantage for you while hunting for a job. 

Whether you are a freshe

r or not, getting into the field is not as difficult as it seems to be. The industry is in high demand, and so are the professionals! Digital marketing is the need of the hour, and choosing a career in digital marketing will definitely be fruitful. 

Getting started with your career in digital marketing

If you are an aspiring marketer, a career in digital marketing is rewarding. A rapidly developing field, digital marketing offers a plethora of job opportunities. As an aspiring digital marketer, here are a few things you can do to get started with your career in digital marketing:

1. Get a basic understanding of digital marketing

This is an extremely important step in the process of building a career in digital marketing. The field is not just about social media and creating engaging content for these platforms. You need to put in effort in understanding the basics of the subject. Getting an overall understanding will help you immensely when you begin your career in digital marketing

Digital marketing cannot just be defined as internet marketing, and it involves a wide array of processes that come together to keep the field running. As a digital marketer, you have to have an overall overview of the subject to excel in the field in the long run. 

2. Practice makes you a better digital marketer!

Once you have gotten an understanding of digital marketing, you have to get into practice mode. Only when you start getting involved in the various processes, including content, social media, SEO, web development, and more, you will be able to understand the nitty-gritties of digital marketing. Take up internships and small-scale freelance opportunities in order to get hands-on experience working on digital marketing projects. 

This will kickstart your career in digital marketing and help you narrow down your niche in this process.

3. Learn to run ads

In the industry, you are considered a digital marketer only if you have all-around knowledge of the processes involved in the field. The most important domain in digital marketing is the process of running ads. If you want to have a successful career in digital marketing, you have to, somewhere down the line, learn to strategise, set up, and run ad campaigns. The more core processes you know, the more successful your digital marketing career will be.

Digital advertising is one of the most important processes in digital marketing. They ensure that a business reaches out to the intended target audience and ensures leads and subsequent conversions. In digital marketing, ads bring solid results to the table. Therefore, you must equip yourself with this skill for a fruitful career in digital marketing.  

4. Get certifications

As an aspiring digital marketer, you are at a greater advantage if you have certifications. The most important certifications in digital marketing include Google Ads, Google Analytics, HubSpot Content Marketing, HubSpot E-mail Marketing, HubSpot Inbound Marketing, HootSuite Social Media Marketing, and more. These certifications add more value to your resume, thereby helping you enhance your career in digital marketing

Taking up a digital marketing course will help you earn these certifications. Studying digital marketing will also help you learn the nitty-gritties of the digital marketing field and equip you with the necessary skills that will help you be industry-ready by the time you graduate. 

5. Accept entry-level jobs

When you start out with your career in digital marketing as a fresher, you will not face any difficulty in bagging a job. However, most of your job opportunities will be entry-level jobs. As a beginner-digital marketing professional, you must willingly accept entry-level jobs. Once you get into a good organisation at the entry level, you can easily see growth by proving your mettle. 

Your position in the organisation is only likely to improve if you can effectively take on responsibilities, meet tight deadlines and requirements of the brands you handle. 

6. Be well-informed about ongoing trends

Digital marketing, being the dynamic field it is, constantly has trends popping up. For a solid career in digital marketing, it is important for you to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the field. The better you adapt to trends, the more efficient you come across as a digital marketer. 

If you fall behind with regard to keeping up with trends, you will also fall behind in your growth as a digital marketer.

7. Work on a WINNING resume and a strong online presence

Just like any other field or job, your resume must speak for itself in the digital marketing field. It is important to have a resume that speaks volumes about your work and your passion for the field. Make sure you build a clear, precise, and attractive resume, adding all the necessary resume keywords and details to showcase your true potential as an aspiring digital marketer.

In addition to this, ensure that you have a good presence online, either in the form of social media or a website. It is only natural for employers to look you up online to gather more information about you and your work. It is especially important in the field of digital marketing to have a good online presence with social channels that also showcase your work and skills with regard to digital marketing. 

Having a great resume and a solid presence online will help give a jumpstart to your career in digital marketing

These are a few effective ways in which you can start your career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is a promising field that offers lucrative opportunities for a successful career. If you are an aspiring digital marketing specialist/professional, follow the points discussed in this article and give your professional digital marketing career a great kickstart! 

Digital is the way to go hereon, and as for an ambitious digital marketer like you, the field has great things in store!

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