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Importance of Mathematical Formula in Areas in Daily Life

Top StoriesImportance of Mathematical Formula in Areas in Daily Life

How we count the number of things, how we manage our budget via calculations is all a part of the mathematics concept. If you are a new driver who has recently laid his hand’s car, it would be difficult for you to understand how much of a gap the car will be able to cut through. The formulation of areas like the area of equilateral triangle is therefore important to learn. The areas that we have learnt in mathematics plays an important role in such scenario. You will be able to do well in every chore of your daily life if you have deep learning of mathematics. It all depends upon the fact that how you are taught. Let us understand the importance of areas in our day to day life:-

  1. While renovating your home

All of us are fond of renovating our homes, installing new designs of furniture, decor types of equipment, wall frames and much more. We won’t be able to make the right choice if we aren’t aware of the areas. A bigger LCD than the frame we have decided would look weird, a  painting bigger than the area of the wall would look vague too. The frame of PVC’s to be installed in your rooms will also depend upon the area of the room, same goes with the tiles. Renovating doors is another major task of renovation. To be able to fix the door with the right dimensions, you should know about the areas of the door setup. So all of these things revolve around the understanding of areas of mathematics.

  1. Carpet size

While furnishing your floor with carpets, you need to know about the area of the floor. The estimates don’t work in such scenarios. You have to be exact and the accurate measurements can be calculated through the formulas of areas. There are so many fancy carpets available in the market. The prices of such markets are fancy too. If you want to save your money, you need to be exact with the figures.

  1. Amount of concrete required for new driveaway

In case you are a builder or you have a business supplying manufacturing material, you need to know about the areas. Your compliance will ask you to provide material like concrete, bricks etc. for so and so dimensions. To be able to send the exact amount, you need to understand those dimensions. Otherwise, if you send less material than the required one, it will tarnish your image in the market. You may not be able to get any further projects. If you send more material than required it will be a setback for you and you would have to bear the loss. So in both, the options listed above, it would be better to understand the dimensions. 

  1. Painting the room

In case you are a supplier of paint or the individual who wants to get their room painted, the importance of areas arises here. People don’t go for the plain texture of paints these days. They want some or the other kind of dimensions to be illustrated on the wall to make it look more vibrant. The amount of paint you will need to illustrate such dimensions will be dependent upon the area of the same. For instance, if you want to get your maths classroom painted with some dimensions like triangles. It will be highly fruitful for you if you know about the areas of an equilateral triangle

So this is how the concepts, formulas and algorithms of mathematics are used in our day to day life. We use it without even realising it. So if you are well versed in it, you will be able to go handy with numbers throughout your life. Cuemath is one such reputed mathematics platform that tutors students from sixth grade for the same. It is very important to understand and have a clear base. All the concepts that you will learn in future are completely based upon your basic learnings. They ensure that your foundation is built so strongly that you outshine others in any possible calculations. 

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