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Napoleon Rogue Xt 525 Sib Grill Quick Review

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The Napoleon Rogue(r) 525 Natural Gas Grill with Infrared Side Burner Stainless Steel is a large and durable, easy-to keep gas grill. It has four main burners and Sear plate stainless steel as well as stainless steel grids, and an elevated top lid This grill comes with everything you require for delicious food preparation. Grill steaks in restaurant style using the sizzle zone side burner , while ample side shelves offer plenty of space for preparation.

Napoleon(r) Rogue 525 XT the Stainless Steel grill

Solid stainless steel structure and can be described as the best barbecue that is the perfect option for your backyard, patio and any other outdoor area. Together with the four major high-power burners as well as the infrared side burner as well, it is the Rogue 525 XT Stainless Steel can cook every single thing! What is what makes Napoleon(r) grills unique and immediately recognizable is the distinctive grills with wavy cooking grids that can cook large and small pieces of meat with confidence. The sturdy structure and sear plates are within the cooking chamber, ensure uniform heat distribution, both at the front and in behind the cooker. The searched plates add heating surface by collecting and evaporating the liquid from the food, and also shielding the roasts from flames and the flames created when grilling.

Essential features

  • Power burner efficiency: 19.6 kW
  • Four primary stainless steel stoves
  • Sizzle Zone Side burner infrared
  • Sear plates made from stainless steel and placed at two levels high
  • Cast iron grids containing porcelain enamel in the typical wavy form
  • Accu-Probe’s Accu-Probe precision thermometer is built into the lid
  • Jetfire direct burner ignition system
  • Side shelves that fold up
  • Hooks for hanging tools
  • It comes with a hose as well as regulator to be connected to 10Kg bottles of LPG.

Two things that can be an issue about this grill is the way hot the handle and top lid can get during cooking, so be sure that you wear gloves when moving the grill , or lifting the lid while food is cooking. Another issue is the fact that this grill isn’t fingerprint-proof, which means it is possible to see my fingerprints everywhere on the grill, as you can see in the image above. I realized this only since I bought smudge-proof stainless steel appliances, and was aware that the existence of such an appliance. However, I am certain that no one else will care about that since at the end of the day, the grill certainly does an amazing job at grilling just like the gas grill is meant to cook.

The Napoleon Rogue 525 Propane Gas Grill with an Infrared Side Burner made of Stainless Steel is a large and robust, rust-resistant easy-to-maintain gas grill. With four main burners and stainless steel sear plates cast grids, a fold-up prep space and an elevated top lid the grill is equipped with everything you need to prepare delicious food preparation. Sear steaks that resemble restaurant quality using the sizzle zone and side burners while the ample side shelves give ample prep space.

This grill is bound to become your favorite, and not just for this season but throughout your life. It comes with a brand new bumper-to-bumper guarantee for 15 years covering all components and a lifetime warranty on most components, it’s an investment into your space for outdoor enjoyment and healthier meals for many decades to be to. The warranty of 15 years includes every ignition system, sear plate, burner, cooking grid, knob and every other component up to the smallest screw.

Napolean Rogue XT 525 Price

Napolean Rogue XT 525 Price is $849 USD

In the end , I am extremely satisfied to have this grill and excited about the possibility of grilling throughout the year thanks to the Napolean Rogue 525. This is why for the 4th of July BBQ, make sure to use an Napolean Grill.

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