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Quick Add- Making Your Social Media Life Easier

Top StoriesQuick Add- Making Your Social Media Life Easier

You have several accounts on social networks, but you are having trouble in managing them all? To simplify your task and save time, there is an application that collect all your accounts data and allow you to add friends at the same time. QuickAdd is the best app to manage your contacts on social media.

QuickAdd is an initiative which provides you the advantage of adding someone that you might have met at a party or an event. With just a simple social QR code, you can track social media plants of the person you desire to add to your social media networks.

Quick Add has become the best app to manage contacts on social media. Quick Add-me on social sites has made it easier for people to connect with each other. Now you can manage all social media in one place.

The Problem

The application is the best to help you in organizing your contacts together. We all are aware of the trouble we go through where we have to open all the social media apps to add a single person that we desire to add. We met this amazing human at a party or while walking in a park. Now we want this person to be a part of our social network. However, opening all the applications and adding him to all of them is taking a lot of time and efforts. A wish comes into our mind that if we could simply add this person to all our social media accounts in one go? Well! QuickAdd grants you that wish! QuickAdd is the best app to manage your contacts.

The Solution

 QuickAdd has been developed with the aim of bringing an ease to the lives of people with a good social media presence. Many of us know how numerous social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Linkedin has taken over our lives. However, opening each one of them to add just a single person is tiresome. It takes technically hours to open, search, find, and then add that specific individual.

How Does QuickAdd Works?

The procedure of QuickAdd is setting up a profile on the platform. After setting it up, the user can add friends through their usernames and link them. Moreover, you can also scan the information through a QR code.

Remember the guy you met at the party? Well! If he also uses QuickAdd, you can add him by scanning him QR code. No typing or remembering username is required. Just open the app, scan the QR code, and add that person to your network instantly!

The Interface

With the smooth design and user interface that this application carries, it a good list of users who love the smoothness of the application. The method of linking and adding each other is simple and easy. Without any efforts, you can easily add the person you desire to your network. Managing all social media accounts at one platform has never been easier. QuickAdd allows you to do it in just a few taps.

Manage All Social Media in One Place

You can always add people to favorites to keep yourself updated with their new posts and activities. Not only adding people, it blesses its users with the ease of managing all their social media accounts at one place.

The lightweight app has made it easier for people to connect. As much as social media has brought people together in this world, QuickAdd aims to bring people closer. No matter where you are or wherever you live or whatever social media network you use, QuickAdd will always remain the top priority of yours. The simplicity of the processes and design will make it easier for you to bring your social circle together at one place.

No need to make efforts now. Download QuickAdd and make your social media life effortless. Keep yourself updated with the activities and posts of your friends while making it easier for yourself to add them through just a few taps. Prove you influence in social media! The application will help you in staying active even if you are not online. This notification system will help your in saving and planning your time for other useful activities. Through QuickAdd, we guarantee you will not miss anything on social media. Everything will be only a few taps away from you! You can find it on Playstore as Quick add me on social media sites .

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