Thursday, June 1, 2023

Role of Negative Keywords for your Amazon PPC

E-CommerceRole of Negative Keywords for your Amazon PPC

Advertising for a particular product is one of the crucial aspects to succeed on the e-commerce platform and your product to become one of the Amazon Best sellers. But what more important is, how to spend your money wisely and efficiently while maintaining a budget for your campaigns. This is where Negative Keywords for amazon kick in. Keywords are the search terms, that a customer types in the search bar to find a product on Amazon. 

What are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords simply mean that you can add certain keywords for your product, that will prevent your advertisement from showing up on the Amazon result page. To understand better, let’s take an example. If you are selling rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries exclusively, your negative keywords can be mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, camera batteries, lithium coin batteries etc. 

Advantages of using Negative Keywords

Paid campaign or Amazon PPC (Pay per click) means a seller pays for only what a potential buyer clicks on. Adding negative keywords to your product description writing will prevent your paid advertisement from being shown to irrelevant search.

  • It will save you unnecessary cost from unwanted clicks on your ad. 
  • This way you can also avoid exhaustion of your paid campaign budget, because once you deplete, Amazon will stop showing your ad to the shoppers.
  • It will help you increase relevant clicks on your ads, making the chances of sales high.
  • Negative keywords also help you reduce overall advertising cost of sales (ACoS)

Finding Negative Keywords

There are many free as well as paid tools which you can use to find and make a list of negative keywords for your product. Other than that, Amazon has a feature of ‘Search Term Report’ which shows you the search terms used by buyers to display your ad in front of them. You can go through this report and look for the keywords that are not related or relevant to your product. And thus, you can take this opportunity to block those unwanted keywords as negative ones and prevent your ad from showing to buyers on being searched from those keywords. By applying perfect strategies, you can transform your Amazon account into amazing selling machine and see your brand grow and flourish on Amazon. In case you still find it difficult to manage and understand negative keywords we suggest you to get in touch with a good Amazon PPC Agency or a Consultant so they may help you out.!

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