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Simple hacks for pest-proofing your storage unit

Top StoriesSimple hacks for pest-proofing your storage unit

Taking a storage unit for all those items you rarely use is amazing. The items don’t make a mess in your house and leave you more space for your everyday items. However, picking the right storage unit and keeping the items safe can be a challenge. One of the common problems are definitely pests – mice and bugs that can ruin your items and cause a lot of damage and additional costs. That’s why you need to prepare your unit and make sure it’s clean and pest-free. Therefore, we arranged a list of simple hacks for pest-proofing your storage unit and making sure your items are safe.

Check if you’re taking the right unit

When hiring the right storage service for your needs, you probably don’t need to worry about the pests. Reliable storage companies have their own pest-control systems that make the maintenance much easier. That’s why you should always look for high-quality storage companies that can provide you with the best services. However, sometimes, doing some additional steps on pest-proofing your storage unit is necessary to really make sure your items are safe.

A storage warehouse.
Make sure you pick clean and high-quality storage, which will make pest-proofing your storage unit much easier.

Choosing the right moving assistance important, too

When moving your house and transporting some of the items in a storage unit, it is very important to choose a reliable company. A professional company like will transport your items safely and in clean conditions. Choosing the right professional will keep your items protected from damage and unwanted visitors – pests, that can often be transported in the same vehicle with your items.

Check what you can expect

Talk to the storage service representatives and check the pest history of the place. See if they had some pest problems in the past, and see what you can expect. This way you can focus on specific protection, which is far more effective.

Packing your items the right way is necessary for pest-proofing your storage unit

The way you pack your items is a very important factor in keeping them safe from pests. After you decide to rent a storage unit, think of all the things you want to store and ways to pack them. Here are some tips on packing inside a storage unit:

  • Use plastic containers – These are probably the best solution when it comes to keeping the pests away. Plastic containers are very good if you plan on packing clothes, linens, books, and similar items. Also, they are very easy to stack, so they take little space in your unit;
  • Cardboard boxes are not recommended, especially those you get for free in a grocery store. These usually have a food smell and attract pests much faster. However, if you do need to use cardboard boxes, be sure to get new boxes that have no gaps and are much stronger.
  • When it comes to packing furniture, beds and mattresses are the riskiest items. Be sure to check if there are no bugs before you put them in the storage unit, and then pack them in specially designed mattress covers. This will protect your beds from any unwanted visitors. Also, any other upholstered furniture should be wrapped – use plastic to protect these items from pests.

Raise the boxes

One of the ways to protect your items is to raise them a bit since most of the pests are crawling on the floor. This is also very helpful if there is a flood in the storage unit – your items will be protected when elevated from the ground. The best way to do this is to buy pallets (or get them for free), as they are sturdy, yet affordable solution.

Anything edible should be out of the unit

There’s no point in pest-proofing your storage unit if you leave food in it – pests love the food and can smell it from afar. That’s why you shouldn’t leave any food or anything edible in your unit – not even for a short period of time.

A rodent nest to an apple.
Pests and rodents find food easily, so removing it should be the first step in pest-proofing your storage unit.

Make your own ‘weapons’

Sometimes, all these previously mentioned techniques are not enough. You will probably have to use some mouse traps, too, as well as some other pest deterrents. There are some chemicals and sprays you can buy any time, but you can use some more natural, homemade alternatives. Here are some ideas:

  • Lavender oil – If you oak cotton balls in lavender oil and place them around your unit, expect less pest since they hate lavender.
  • Mint (and garlic) – You can easily make an anti-pest spray by mixing mint leaves and garlic cloves in a blender, adding some water and here you have a natural anti-pest spray!
  • Borax and sugar – This is a famous mixture that is amazing from turning away ants from an area. Just place it in places where ants appear, and they will be gone in no time.
A spray bottle with a product that helps pest-proofing your storage unit.
Sometimes, homemade products can help pest-proofing your storage unit.

Call the pest  professionals

To save yourself some time (and money), hiring professionals do solve a pest problem is the best thing you can do. Skilled pest specialists have the right tools and knowledge about specific problems, and can solve them much faster.

Check your insurance policy

Pest problems happen, even in the best storage units. It’s not something you can predict, but you can surely protect your items. One of the ways is to take insurance that covers pest/rodent damage.  Not every policy covers that, so be sure to read yours before you sign it.

No protection lasts for a lifetime

No matter how well you did pest-proofing your storage unit, it’s not something you should leave like that for a long time. Be sure to visit your storage unit regularly and see if anything has changed. This way you can react on time if anything suspicious happens.

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