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The Essential Guide to Driving Abroad

AutoThe Essential Guide to Driving Abroad

Whether you’re going on holiday or you’re moving abroad for good, the chances are you’re going to have to tackle the roads in your new country! Driving abroad can be an intimidating prospect. Each country’s laws vary slightly, and each culture’s attitude towards driving varies even more! Let’s go through the essential guide to prepare you for driving abroad. 

Bring Your Own Ride

A great way to get used to driving abroad is by bringing a familiar vehicle with you! This is especially useful if the country you’re going to drives on the same side of the road as your home country! 

Car shipping can be easier and cheaper than you may think! Have a look at a range of trusted car shipping companies and check out your options. Having your own vehicle with you will give you the confidence you need in your car to balance the lack of confidence you may have on the roads! 

Check Your Permissions

Your driving license may not cover you in all overseas territories. Some countries require an International Driving Permit (IDP) before you’re even allowed on the roads! Have a look at the countries that require an IDP now to make sure you’re set to go. 

An International Driving Permit is essentially a translation of your driving license and records from your language into your destination’s native tongue. You can apply for one fairly easily online, and it’s well worth being prepared ahead of time, as some countries will deal out hefty fines if you’re found driving without the right paperwork!

Get Used to the New Laws

Every country has specific driving laws that may only vary very slightly from each other. Speed limits, road signs, and the right of way are all important factors to get straight in your head before you set off. 

In Europe, there are so many countries in a small area, each with slightly different laws, that it can be very difficult to sort them all in your head. Follow this useful guide to the different driving laws across Europe so you know exactly what to do when you get there. Do your research and don’t leave anything to chance!

Drive Safer with Technology

Technology is integral to our daily lives, and driving is no different! There are so many ways in which technology can improve your driving experience and make the transition to a new type of driving easier for you!

Gadgets such as blind spot monitors, adaptive headlights, and lane detection systems can all work hand in hand to make your driving experience as easy as possible, which means you can keep your complete attention on the road. The less you have to think about the easy pitfalls of driving, the more time you have to get comfortable with the new driving systems around you.

Driving abroad is a difficult challenge, but if you do your research and come prepared, it could turn into a fun experience! As long as you’re a careful, confident driver, and you know the laws you should abide by, you will be driving like normal in no time. 

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