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Tips for Maximizing Space & Style of One Wall Kitchen

Home & GardenTips for Maximizing Space & Style of One Wall Kitchen

A kitchen is a central space of any home, but when it is built into one single wall, making it efficient and stylish can feel impossible. However, you can turn your kitchen into a space you love to look at regardless of your kitchen layout. Here are some easy tips that you can use to make the most out of your one-wall kitchen and make it stylish.

Choose Appliances Wisely 

As one wall kitchen has limited wall space, you must choose the appliances wisely. Smaller appliances may be good options for this layout because they save space for other storage. For example, a compact microwave, refrigerator, range, coffeemaker, and dishwasher. You can even choose the appliances that complement the scale of your kitchen if you want a particular style.

Also, make sure that the appliance placement or installation should not impact the nearby area badly, particularly if you have an open-plan design. Ideally, placing a microwave in a cabinet rather than directly putting it on a countertop would be best to create more visual space. 

Make It Efficient

Whether the kitchen space is less or more, nobody wants to walk from one end to another many times. Therefore, you should think about the proper and practical placement of the appliances. If you have a one-wall kitchen, decide on an arrangement where the sink is set in the center of the kitchen run. After the sink arrangement, place the refrigerator at an end. Please put a range at the opposite end of the fridge. In that way, you will separate the hot appliance (stove) from the cold appliance (refrigerator) with the sink. 

Leave space on either side of the sink and range for effective cleaning and safe cooking. The general arrangement permits us to easily complete the kitchen task in an orderly manner. Otherwise, you can even arrange the appliances in a route you often take if you wish. As far as storage is concerned in a one-wall kitchen, keep small items stored beneath the countertop or inside the tall cabinets.

Go Towards White

The right choice of color is important for any kitchen, especially in a narrow one-wall kitchen where the chances are less of being bright. You need to choose a color that creates the appearance of a bright, clean, and open look in your space. 

White is a classic color choice that makes the kitchen space look bright and gives a space a modern style look. When you use white color in the entire kitchen- on your countertops, walls, appliances, and cabinets, you increase the sense of space. You can add decor accessories in different colors to create contrast and interest in the all-white kitchen.

Add an Island

One wall kitchen often lacks a worktop as the sink, stove, and other appliances are all in a single row. Depending on your layout, adding an island is a better solution to this problem. So, if you have a one-wall kitchen that opens to the area of a living room, then use that space to add an island for an effective work triangle.

An island with a built-in sink or cooktop adds practicality and style to your kitchen. It will help you maximize the potential of your kitchen by managing the traffic away from the counter space. Adding an island table parallel to the kitchen will also help you to distinguish your living place from the kitchen. In short, an island, whether movable or built-in, perfectly complements a one-wall kitchen.

Turn Your One-Wall Kitchen into a Beautiful Feature

As the one-wall kitchen usually can be seen from other home areas, don’t be limited to a simple white design. Instead, make it look good and add style with proper accent pieces. You can add beautiful items like baskets, vases, or plants to make it feel more colorful rather than just the place of a cook.

As shown in this image, this one-wall kitchen looks simple with a white wall and cabinet, but with a rug and chandelier, the entire kitchen transforms into crozier and inviting. 

Utilize Multipurpose Furniture 

The one-wall kitchen does not take up too much floor space, so if you want, you can use the remaining space, including the corner. One key tip to maximize the potential of a one-wall kitchen is to bring furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, the addition of a dining bench provides seating when you socialize at your table and yet provides storage underneath.  

Make Use of the Entire Wall

Compared to other kitchen layouts, one wall kitchen has less space for storage. But there are some ways to ensure adequate storage. One straightforward and effective approach is to make the most of the available wall space.

Depending on your layout, you can install an upper cabinet to hide items you do not often use or any less appealing items. Apart from this, you can add shelves for putting crockery or add rods for hanging utensils that take up counter space. 


Think about what you need in your kitchen, learn how to organize all the appliances, take advantage of the wall storage space, and consider adding a few things that will help add interest. By doing this, you can not only maximize the one-wall kitchen but also make it stylish too.

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