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Top 10 Gangsters In Liverpool

Top StoriesTop 10 Gangsters In Liverpool

Liverpool is a significant state of ownership for the English Empire. The city is geared to mobsters; the city primarily stands up in the North West of England. In a sufficient manner to understand the story of gangsters from Liverpool, it is markedly important to understand the location of Liverpool on the world map; on a fundamental level, Liverpool shares its border with the River Mersey that later joins the Irish Sea. The respective oddity of Liverpool opens the door for centrally pronounced trade and commercialism, and over and above that, Liverpool works as a means of port that helps in migration. The entire course of the landmarked significance of Liverpool makes drug trafficking easy for gangsters. Some mobsters and malefactors had utilized the major trading route of Liverpool docks for their criminal convicts. In the same course of notion, we have mentioned the top ten Liverpool gangsters in 2022.

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters Are:

  1. Thomas Comerford
  2. Anthony Whitney
  3. Curtis Francis Warren
  4. Richard Caswell
  5. Liam Cornett
  6. The Maniac
  7. Lewis Turner
  8. Mad Dog Maguire
  9. Paul Massey
  10. Mark Fellows

#1 Thomas Comerford

Thomas Comerford is also known as Tommy(Thomas Anthony “Tommy” Comerford). The biggest mobster in Liverpool history. Tommy was born on October 19, 1932, in Liverpool. His focus on dealing in narcotics, heroin, and commercial negotiations in illegal drugs is confined in the recesses of Liverpool. As a matter of principle, his biggest focus relies on lieutenancy areas of England. Including the main metropolitan of the North West of the English Empire. Other than that, there are famous titles that Thomas Comerford is popular with Tacker and Top Cat. Thomas Anthony Comerford was the only narcotic illegal drug dealer and the first gangster from England to deal with a global drug trafficking organization.

Thomas Comerford Gangster
Thomas Comerford Gangster

The global black market was once under Thomas Anthony Comerford’s authority.

Thomas Comerford makes his appearance as an influential and way more overpowering authority in a system of Liverpool’s criminal world. He worked on the sites of robbing the Liverpool bank and above that in the importation of heroin. A complex yet paradoxically organized system of a well-established global black market was once under his authority. Thomas Comerford was not any ordinary gangster; he was a significant person in pioneering the international black market of drug dealing, where he was the main lead in providing the international channels of heroin across the globe.

How Thomas Comerford begin his career

The system in which he dealt in illegal affairs was a much larger and more complex network. Thomas Comerford’s career involved criminal affairs of narcotics and heroin that initially began when he started his career as a truck driver. He does not limit his career life but starts earning his daily wages with the multi-tasking of becoming a manipulative thief. He led his career of robbery in specified areas of the army.

Comerford started working in the armed robbery.

Comerford worked as a truck driver on the Liverpool docks and was also a petty criminal and thief before becoming involved in an armed robbery, more precisely, the lieutenancy areas.

#2 Anthony Whitney

Anthony Whitney, also known as Tony, is a notorious gangster of empowers personnel. Actually, in a manner of presentation, Anthony Whitney was not the one mobster who made his career as an individual gangster. On the contrary, his entire family put their shares and reforestation in the organization of controlled drugs from Liverpool, England. Anthony Whitney made the group along with his family, including the other members of their acquaintance. Anthony made his gang famous for the name Whitney Bulger.

Anthony Whitney Gangster
Anthony Whitney Gangster

Transacting business of Class A drugs

Whitney gang, Anthony Whitney, was actively dealing with transactions of controlled illegal matters from Class A drugs. Class A drugs are those active drugs that possess the nature of a highly dangerous constituency. Because of their most difficult and damaging reaction, the dealing of corresponding Class A drugs involves the taut and toughest punishment of all drugs denoting Class B or C. For the matter of justification, all the individual mobsters of the Whitney Gang faced the toughest and hardest sentence of living in jail for eighty-two years. The members of the Whitney Gang were put under bars in the year of 2011.

Whitney Family Bio

The famous mobsters from the Whitney Family involve the main leads of pioneering personalities, which are the backbone of the entire gang. On the very first list is Anthony Whitney, the guy who is famous as Tony. Anthony Whitney is a recently dead mobster of the Whitney Gang under consideration in 2022. Other than Anthony Whitney, the other significant drug dealers are Carol Whitney, Paul Whitney, Lisa Whitney, and for good measure, the highly anticipated figure, Leslie Whitney. Anthony Whitney and another mate, Gary Whitney, were the two figures who are no longer. Gary Whitney died in the year of 2006.

Whitney Gangster Family
Whitney Gangster Family

50,000 tablets of drugs and narcotics

Anthony Whitney from Spain handed over his cases of smuggling 50,000 tablets of drugs and narcotics to the ficial body of making legal judgments to the foreign state where he committed the crime of smuggling narcotics.

#3 Curtis Francis Warren

Curtis Warren, the most famous and well-known drug trafficker, is most common in the list of top ten gangsters from Liverpool with the name of Cocky. Originally he was born in the oldest and yet ancient county of Lancashire. Basically, he belongs to the county of Merseyside from Liverpool. Curtis Warren’s date of birth is May 31, 1963.

Curtis Francis Warren Gangster
Curtis Francis Warren Gangster

Curtis Francis Warren Bio

Curtis Warren’s biography is simple and yet complex to comprehend in a manner that how he became the notorious and notorious gangster of Liverpool. According to facts and unshakable statements, Curtis Francis Warren is the second-in-line child of Curtis Aloysius Warren. Curtis Warren’s criminal records include drug trafficking and illicit drug-taking from juvenile crimes and armed robbery, which he has done since he was under 18. Resultantly the corresponding young armed robbery brought forth the punishment of imprisonment of five years.

The juvenile period

The juvenile period of Curtis Warren was completely in the absolute fellowship of his elder brother Ramon and sister Maria in a maritime city in northwest England. Curtis Francis Warren’s father worked as a sailor in a navy whose status was just below the position of an officer in Norwegian.

Curtis Warren is in prison.

Moreover, if we further ponder Curtis Warren’s criminal record, we find that he was under the charges of smuggling cannabis. And in the very criminal act, 13 years of penalty was out for Curtis Warren. In addition, to boot the very course of the matter here, Curtis got another sentence of four years in prison for the crime of killing human beings without malice. Let’s move forward to other crimes on Curtis Warren in his criminal record. We find another totally unjust and absolutely malice aforethought that is where Curtis Warren transferred drugs to the Netherlands, and the crime resulted in twelve years of imprisonment. On current news and information, we find that Curtis Warren, on the current date, is in prison.

#4 Richard Caswell

Richard Caswell is one of the most infamous and celebrated mobsters from Liverpool; who is solely popular and famous for extreme and inhume deeds of drug trafficking. His ill repute and scandalous illicit drug merchandise have shocked the underworld criminal clan. Richard Caswell is most conspired and worthy of highlighting criminal activity. A totally interesting story includes the incident where Richard Caswell, in cooperation with Cox’s notorious and ill-mannered group, was charged with stealing around 30kg of cocaine. They stole the corresponding cocaine from a house that was on Croxdale Road West.

Richard Caswell Gangster

Inhumane crimes

In a respective act of stealing cocaine, they not only broke the state’s laws but in addition to that, Richard Caswell with Cox criminal group, seriously on an intense level, injured the citizens. Who originally was a father and son. In reports and news, they brutally slashed and beat these citizens mercilessly in their own houses.

Campaign of detonating a bomb

Richard Caswell comes under the list of most distinguished scandalous and ill-famed undertaking of detonating a bomb. The most exploited and powerful story of the explosion of bombs happened when Richard Caswell straightforwardly blew up a car without any fear of law and regulations. The whole legendary and well-established incident all happened before Liverpool police station. Under the corresponding strategic and well planed episode of the bombing campaign, Richard Caswell got seven years of penalty behind the bars.

#5 Liam Cornett

Liam Cornett is a gangster, a top-class mobster who possesses the skills of manipulation and corruption; his strategic and well-focused mind makes him an overpowering authority in the entire system of the Liverpool gangster organization. Liam Cornett does not work individually and carries out all the illicit crimes of complex matters.

Liam Cornett Gangster
Liam Cornett Gangster

According to facts, he supported and managed to build a systematic and well-grounded organization of Liverpool’s underworld criminal brotherhood. To the extent that today he is famous for the title of “constant thorn in the communities of Merseyside.” The other reason for the corresponding title is that he was actively using his criminal tactics in a ceremonial county in North West England.

Liam to ever receive the biggest number of penalties

The entire and well-trained team was what Liam Cornett was operating, where he supported his gang with every possible resource. Liam Cornett played a part in the radical foundation for his gang with cardinal roots and assistance. He was only an individual with a few other mobsters shipping level A drugs across the United Kingdom. That was where all the civil forces of the United Kingdom were under the discipline to restore public order. On account of the same operation, they started two operations, namely Anvil and the other was Valkyrie. Liam Cornett is the only sole subject of a guilty mobster who had received the biggest sentence as a gangster. Liam Cornett had made a record in the entire history of Liverpool ever to receive the biggest number of penalties.

Extermination, murders, and bodily damage cases

More than that, it was in 2014 when Liam Cornett was sentenced and punished for getting behind bars in the Netherlands. All the sentences come under the criminal acts of attempting unlawful extermination, murders, and bodily damage.

#6 The Maniac – Devil Gangster

The Maniac(Stephen French Gangster) also called The Devil is a gangster hired by a European underworld crime head with an accent from Liverpool. Even till today’s date and age, none knows his name. Accordingly to Dutch laws, his name is not publicly out.

Stephen French Gangster
Stephen French Gangster

The Maniac is directly and straightforwardly related to a dramatic yet suspenseful strategic story of a European criminal boss and a businessman. The entire systematic plot of the story happened in April 2017.

Recovering £12 Million

The episodic campaign of recovering an amount worth 1,100kg of heroin was the only order of mission. £12 Million for a 1,100kg cocaine shipment does not reach its destination. The cocaine was delivered through the businessman, but for some reason, it failed to reach its goal. That was mainly because of the interception of customs officers. The very Maniac was finalized for the mission to recover the lost. The European criminal boss hired The Maniac. The Maniac was tracked under his mission of getting back the loss of cocaine. He recorded all the daily activities of the businessman and his family. To one of the businessman’s relatives, the Maniac told the entire incident and asked for the money, £12 Million. According to news and magazines, the very respective relative of the businessman took the matter to the police. And the public forces of the state in no time arrested The Maniac.

#7 Lewis Turner

Throughout the nonmetropolitan county of Cheshire, northwest England, Lewis Turner governed the organized system of supplying cocaine, molly, or a psychoactive drug. Transporting and dealing with drugs was a family business of Lewis Turner where civil forces of state caught the head bosses of his gang. Now Turner has been charged with receiving money in exchange for cocaine and molly. The famous ex-leaders of the gang were Wesley Williamson and Robert Musson.

Lewis Turner Gangster
Lewis Turner Gangster

High-quality cocaine and MDMA

Lewis Turner made his appearance as the chief boss of the gang through the title of ‘Big Boss Baby.’ The Big Boss Baby got his money with cruel violence and enmity. It is a famous statement for Lewis Turner and his gang that they operated the illegal supply of cocaine and MDMA with well-established standards of high-quality drugs that were ever available to any drug dealer.

A raid

Lewis Turner got caught at Liverpool Crown Court. It was the date of May 28. In charges of dealing in business cocaine and MDMA.

#8 Mad Dog Maguire

Mad Dog Maguire holds great power and forceful authority on Liverpool’s gangster underworld. He had a threatening and forceful effect on common citizens where he used to intimidate members of nightclubs. Maguire earned his daily living from dealing with drug affairs. He engaged in narcotics. He caused the eradication of human loss on a large scale to the extent that common citizens faced a greater loss on physical and mental levels.

Corporation of George Bromley

later the murder trial in the crown court shows the public the results and association of Mad Dog Maguire, where he was under the corporation of George Bromley, the famous criminal from Liverpool.

Murder of Mad Dog Maguire

On October 1, 1998, Mad Dog Maguire, a peaceful city with a handgun, opened an arm and shot him dead. The incident of Mad Dog Maguire’s death happened when he was getting his gym training at St John’s Road in Waterloo. Darren Becouarn was the person who was responsible for killing Mad Dog Maguire. When he shot him at the gym, he in no time escaped on a motorbike waiting outside at that time; none recognized the killer.

#9 Paul Massey

Paul Massey majority of the public knows him as Mr. Big. He began his unlawful crime of stealing as a juvenile theft. Where he started to snatch public possessions as an amateur snatcher. To become a better citizen, he was put in a school; during his time to achieve some value in a school to become a better person, he learned barbarism and savage behavior of utilizing physical force. To cause damage to other students, where the roughness and animality were the only things he learned from school. That is how his career of criminality began with trained mentors of violence.

Paul Massey’s Career as a gangster

According to some news and information, we find that Paul Massey established two security companies. And controlled the number of nightclubs in the city. It was during 1999 that Paul Massey got the penalty of 14 years, later reduced to four years. Paul Massey faced a sentence in prison for stabbing a citizen.

Paul Massey’s murder

At the age of 55 in 2015, on July 26. At Manchester Road, Greater Manchester, Paul Massey got a gunshot outside his house. The wound from the gunshot was severe and resulted in Paul Massey’s death. Later the murderer who aimed a gunshot at him was an English hitman also known as the Iceman. It was the very Iceman who murdered John Kinsella.

Paul Massey’s net worth

Paul Massey net worth is not officially in records as he lived his whole in the underworld. Although some data sources claim that it can be $5 Million+ USD.

#10 Mark Fellows

Mark Fellows is famous for the name “The Iceman” and “The Hitman.” He spent most of his life in the Borough of Warrington in Cheshire. He was the very murderer who killed the famous gangster of the English Empire, Paul Massey, which we had listed as number nine in our identical text of top ten gangsters in Liverpool 2022.

Mark Fellows spent his whole life span behind the bars.

Besides Paul Massey, Mark Fellows killed English Land’s most famous and notorious gangster; John Kinsella belonged to Everton, a small district in Liverpool. From news and magazines, we found out that Mark Fellows put their mission of killing John Kinsella through the EncroChat handset, which was a communications network and service provider through encryption. The victim was walking with his pregnant spouse namely, Wendy Owen. The incident happened within the county of Merseyside, in the North West of England. The civil forces of the state have announced the whole life period in prison for Mark Fellows.

At The End

Well this is the end of the List of Famous Liverpool Gangsters. We hope that was pretty informative for you; don’t forget to comment according to you who is the devil and biggest Gangster In Liverpool.

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