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Top 4 Baked Goods | Ideal for Your Cafe

FoodsTop 4 Baked Goods | Ideal for Your Cafe

Are you planning to open up your own cafe but have no idea what to add to your pastry menu? Do you have no clue on what would complement your cafe’s unique selection of drinks? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to find some inspiration for your cafe’s menu and learn about the ideal baked goods for your cafe!

Cinnamon Scrolls

Cinnamon Scrolls

In Australia, and much of the western world, cinnamon scrolls are a popular and staple snack to include on a cafe menu. This is because they are both sweet and savory, and complementary to many bitter coffee drinks on cafe menus. Not only that, cinnamon scrolls are usually rather small in size, making them the perfect snack to serve with a drink or to purchase as a quick breakfast. 

You can customise your cafe’s cinnamon scroll in a number of ways, such as glazing the top with a sugary syrup, or adding dry fruits like sultanas to the dough. Whether your cafe specialises in milky coffees, or frozen iced ades, cinnamon scrolls can never go wrong on your menu.



Croissants are one of the most widely enjoyed pastries in the world. They can be served solo as their own meal, or complementary to a piping hot drink. Not only that, they are also relatively easy to make and bake, meaning you can easily add croissants to your cafe’s menu.

You can also take the time to alter a few popular croissant recipes to your preference by using different flours or adding filling inside depending on the variations of croissants you want to serve at your cafe.

Choc Chip Muffins

Appeal to customers with a sweet tooth or those with children by including choc chip muffins on your cafe’s menu! Choc chip muffins are enjoyed by many, while also being relavatibly easy to make from scratch and store. You can use frozen choc chip batter bought from frozen food suppliers, or make your own and freeze the dough in batches for future baking.

Choc chip muffins are the most tempting when put on display right next to your counter, so be sure to add the small bite-sized cakes to your menu for easy and quick sales!

Egg Tarts

Egg Tarts

A part of cantonse cuisine originating from English and Portguese tarts, egg tarts are a simple yet deliciously sweet baked good to add to your menu. Unique in that not many western cafes have them on their menus, egg tarts can make your cafe stand out from the rest. Make sure to pair our egg tarts with slightly bitter drinks to create the ultimate balance of a flavourful and fulfilling meal set at your cafe.

There are many baked good options you can choose from to add to your cafe, however the above four are the stand-out ones guaranteed to make your cafe menu a memorable and delicious one. Be sure to check whether you have the resources (that is, ingredients and time) to make them all from scratch or whether you need frozen dough services to help you prepare them.

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