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Turkish 123 – Watch Series & Download App

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We bring a new exciting website to you as you are looking for, so you are here for it. Turkish drama, movies, shows, and series are being watched worldwide as they get much appreciation from their fans all around the globe.

But there is a problem for viewers because all fans don’t belong to Turkey and can understand and speak Turkish, so they come up with a solution.

And this solution is Turkish123 which provides non-Turkish fans with Turkish drama, movies, shows, and series with English subtitle that makes it easy for the viewer to understand Turkish content easily.

Here we will provide all you need about Turkish123, so scroll down to know much-needed information.

What is Turkish123?

The most famous Turkish123 website aims to provide viewers with Turkish television series with English subtitles. If you visit the homepage of Turkish123 on your search engine, you will see a lot of Turkish television series, dramas, shows, and movies. 

Turkish123 has made it easy for you to get your desired content by clicking on the type of content you are interested in. You can also search on the homepage of Turkish123 which kind of genre you like or of which year television series you want to watch.

Turkish123 provides romance series, comedy television shows, family shows, and historical content. It brings the most updated series and episodes of television shows, and you will get all these for free there will be no registration.

How to watch and download on Turkish123?

We are trying to answer your queries related to Turkish123, and one of them is how to watch and download Turkish television series, so here is the answer to your question.

You have to visit the homepage of Turkish123 or download the mobile app of Turkis123. We will provide guidelines about the app of Turkish123 and more related information about it. 



So you can watch and download Turkish television series from its homepage or by downloading an app of it.

Is Turkish123 safe?

Before using these types of sites, our mind creates much curiosity to know more about them, and the sites we are using will not breach our privacy.

Fans of Turkish television series want to watch the subtitles, and it’s the best platform to view their favorite shows, and it is safe and trustworthy.

But we have to be cautious before using this site, it sometimes approaches you to unknown locations, and you might not want to open it.

It will be safer to use VPN and not take a risk with your privacy.

Is turkish123 illegal?

When it comes to the legality of these websites, it is up to you to define their legality.

It can prove risky not because of content containing viruses or because it takes you to pirated websites. Still, it is risky to its illegal content, and all they upload is not their original content.

Turkish123 uploads content of television series without their permission, and it compels us to take the question of the legality of Turkish123.

About Turkish123 app

If you are interested in watching Turkish television series, it accesses you at the website link, but if you are tired of going to your search bar and looking for all your favorite shows in one app, you have to download the app of Turkish123. 

In the library of turkish123, you can access about 150 plus series with English subtitles, and also you can find series dubbed in the Arabic language.

You can watch your favorite Turkish shows with just a few clicks, and the series or drama you want to watch will be on your screen.

Features of Turkish123

  1. It provides users a platform to access easy Turkish series with English subtitles.
  2. The app consumes less storage on your device and is easy to use.
  3. You will experience fast streaming speed.
  4. It offers videos of your choice of quality as High quality or average, and even low quality.
  5.  It provides many other options you will love in this app.

How to download the Turkish 123 app?

  1. You have to take the help of a third-party app store to install Turkish123.
  2. You might receive some links, and you have to search for the Turkish123 app.
  3. You have to click on the injection button.
  4. Let it finish injection of the medicine
  5. Press allow and wait for a few seconds to download and install the app. 

This journey was to install the app, but it does not end here. We have to make a few changes to your device to run Turkish123.

There are a few changes in your device settings before using Turkish123.

Those who have android devices.

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Then, click on security in your device settings.
  3.  And the last select download program on your device.

Those who have apple devices.

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Then click on the General tab. 
  3. Press on “Trust app” and let the download finish.

How to use the Turkish123 app?

First, you have to install this application through the process mentioned above, and then you have to set your profile as we do in every application with some basic requirements.

After that, you will be able to watch your desired Turkish television series through this application.

The app makes it easier for you. Just by clicking on a video you want to watch, it will start streaming, and it gives you the option of downloading so you can watch it later.

Alternatives of Turkish123 

We will not suggest it on only Turkish123, but many alternatives to it provide content in English subtitles as Turkish123.

Suppose you are looking for alternatives to Turkish123, so you must have a reason for it. You might be unable to access Turkish123, or sometimes it takes to some pirated websites, whatever you have a reason for it.

Popular Alternatives of


Some Other Best alternatives to Turkish123


It is similar to Turkish123, and it provides movies and television shows with English subtitles. You do not have to register yourself or pay any cost of using it.


It is also an alternative to Turkish123 that provides you with content with English subtitles of high quality. You can watch recent episodes of Turkish television series and do not have to pay for them,


If you live in Turkey and want to watch Turkish drama, it is the best platform to watch Turkish drama with a single click on your device, and it’s free to use.

Tip: If you are not able to watch or download any of your favorite series at Turkish123, you can consider downloading it from Kickass Torrents or at The Pirate Bay.


Here we tried to put all related information about Turkish123 in a single frame. That’s why we discussed all its factors of it. We started from what Turkish123 is and concluded with the suggestion of some more alternatives of it.

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