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Where to Watch the “What Is a Woman?” Documentary

ReviewWhere to Watch the "What Is a Woman?" Documentary

The “What Is a Woman?” documentary is an exploratory journey into the world of gender, identity and society. It takes an in-depth look into the complexities of womanhood, presenting a multitude of perspectives and narratives that aim to provoke thought and conversation. If you’ve heard about this groundbreaking film and are wondering where to watch it.

Overview of the “What Is a Woman?” Documentary

Before we delve into where to watch the documentary, let’s briefly discuss what it’s about. “What Is a Woman?” is an enlightening piece that takes a comprehensive look at the multifaceted nature of womanhood. It presents various angles – from biological to sociological, cultural and historical perspectives. The documentary offers an open platform for dialogue, aiming to foster understanding and bridge gaps in our perception of gender identity.

Streaming Platforms

There are numerous platforms where you can watch the “What Is a Woman?” documentary. Here are some of the most popular ones:


Netflix, a global leader in streaming services, is among the first platforms to broadcast the “What Is a Woman?” documentary. Users can stream it directly from their device of choice, whether that’s a smart TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you are a Netflix subscriber, simply search for the title in the search bar.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another popular platform that offers the documentary. For Amazon Prime members, viewing the film is included in your subscription. Non-members can rent or purchase the documentary.


Hulu, known for its vast library of documentaries, also offers “What Is a Woman?” for streaming. You can watch the film with a standard Hulu subscription.

Physical Copies

If you’re a fan of owning physical copies of your favorite films, “What Is a Woman?” is available on DVD and Blu-ray. These can be purchased from various online retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

Film Festivals and Special Screenings

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like the communal experience of watching a film at a festival or special screening. “What Is a Woman?” has been shown at numerous film festivals around the world. To find out if a screening is happening near you, keep an eye on the film’s official website or social media accounts for announcements.

Educational Institutions

Given its educational and thought-provoking nature, “What Is a Woman?” is often shown in educational settings. Universities, colleges and even some high schools may have special screenings. If you’re a student, check with your institution to see if a screening is scheduled.

Wrapping Up

The “What Is a Woman?” documentary is a compelling exploration of gender and identity that invites viewers to expand their understanding and engage in open dialogue. It’s readily accessible through numerous streaming platforms, physical copies, film festivals and educational institutions. No matter where you watch it, this documentary is sure to provide a thought-provoking experience.

As a note, availability might vary by country due to regional restrictions, so be sure to check your local listings or contact the streaming platforms for specific information related to your area. Enjoy the documentary and the enlightenment it brings!

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