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Why Can’t I Add Music to My Instagram Story? Complete Guide

Social MediaWhy Can't I Add Music to My Instagram Story? Complete Guide

Instagram is a dynamic platform, always evolving and adding new features to engage it’s users. One such feature is the ability to add music to your Instagram stories. However, there might be instances where you find yourself unable to utilize this feature. Let’s delve into why this might be the case.

The Music Feature and it’s Availability

Instagram’s music feature enables users to add a soundtrack to their stories, providing an extra layer of engagement and expressiveness. But the first thing to note is that this feature isn’t available worldwide due to licensing restrictions. Instagram has agreements with various music companies for the rights to play songs and these agreements are not universal.

Licensing Restrictions

If you’re in a country where Instagram hasn’t secured music licensing rights, you won’t be able to add music to your Instagram story. These licensing agreements are complex and can vary by country and specific song.

Version Compatibility

Also, ensure you’re using the latest version of Instagram. Sometimes, missing features can be due to running an outdated version of the app. Regularly update your Instagram app for an optimal experience.

Account Types and Their Restrictions

Instagram’s music feature also depends on the type of account you’re using.

Personal and Business Accounts

Personal accounts typically have full access to Instagram’s music library. However, business accounts may encounter restrictions. If you own a business account, it might be the reason why you can’t add music to your story.

Creator Accounts

Creator accounts are a recent addition to Instagram and are something of a hybrid between personal and business accounts. These accounts usually have access to the music feature, but there may be exceptions depending on regional licensing restrictions.

Device Compatibility Issues

The device you’re using might also impact your access to Instagram’s music feature.

Android vs iOS

Generally, Instagram rolls out new features to iOS users before Android. If you’re an Android user and can’t access the music feature, it could be because it hasn’t been rolled out for your device yet.

Device Region Settings

Moreover, your device’s region settings may affect feature availability. Even if you’re in a country where Instagram has music licensing rights, if your phone’s region is set to a different country, you might face problems adding music to your story.

How to Resolve the Issue

There are a few potential solutions to these common issues:

  1. Update Instagram: Always ensure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version.
  2. Switch Account Type: Consider switching your account type. If you’re using a business account, you might switch to a personal or creator account to gain access to the music feature.
  3. Check Region Settings: Check your device’s region settings. Make sure they’re set to your current country, particularly if that country has access to Instagram’s music feature.
  4. Report the Problem: If all else fails, report the problem to Instagram. It could be a glitch that needs fixing.


While Instagram’s music feature can enhance the impact of your stories, several factors may restrict it’s use. Keep in mind the licensing restrictions, account type and device compatibility. By understanding these aspects, you can troubleshoot the issues effectively and enjoy a fuller Instagram experience.

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