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How German Translator Can Help You to Boost Your Business

Top StoriesHow German Translator Can Help You to Boost Your Business

The world is turning into a global village – businesses are going global and expanding their horizons. They are finding a new customer base for their products or entering business partnerships. While it’s true that technology and this digital age has eased the process of going global in many ways – there is still one problem that the companies face that is developing an effective global communication strategy. 

For a successful global communication strategy, you need to go local. That is communicating to the global audience in their native language.

This is where a translator can help you with your business – they can make sure they complement your efforts for global communication.

The Increasing Need for German Translation

Germany is an economic powerhouse that offers multiple business opportunities. From advance technology to a customer base with spending capacity – Germany is a gold mine of opportunities. 

Germany has the largest economy in Europe. It is the fourth highest-ranking country in the world in nominal GDP. It is also one of the most widely spoken European languages.

Given the many opportunities, German-speaking nations offer to your business – it makes sense to translate your communication efforts in their native language. 

While working with digital translation tools may seem like a good idea – they are notorious for making blunders and creating an embarrassing situation. 

You need a professional translator for your business and keep reading to understand how they can help your business grow. 

How Can a German Translator Boost Your Business?

• German Translators Can Help You Enhance Your Business Reach.

Germany is the primary language for 97 million speakers – it is second most widely spoken European native language. Given the magnitude at which the language is spoken – it can offer a huge potential customer base for your business. 

Translators can help with successful and impactful translation of your messages that can open up your reach to a wide range of potential customers.

• They Can Help You Create a Strong Brand for Yourself.

Your globalization efforts will go for a toss if you are not able to create a strong brand. A mistake in branding can cost your company big time. 

An example of such German adaptation blunder can be seen by Clairol – they launched their curling iron in Germany called ‘Mist Stick’ without realizing that mist means manure in Germany. 

A professional translator can save you from such embarrassment and help you create a strong brand for yourself.

• They Can Help You with Adapting Your Brand Locally. 

Adapting your brand with local trends and phrases can help create a sense of familiarity and belongingness. Customers are more likely to relate with your brand and in turn, pay for your products or services. Local adaptation of the brand can also give you an edge over your competitors. 

A professional translator can successfully help you with adapting your brand locally – they can guide you about the local trends and catchphrases. Can make sure you don’t include words that are considered offensive in the local language etc.  

• They Can Help You Increase Your Digital Reach.

Translators can help you increase your digital reach for your e-commerce brand. 97% of German-speaking shoppers shop online. 

According to various studies – people prefer shopping for products online and on websites that offers their native language. It creates a sense of familiarity and ease of shopping in them. 

German translators can help you translate your website content, your product descriptions and any other means of online communication effectively.

• Translators Come to Keep You from Creating Blunders and Hurting Your Business.

Internet is filled with far too many examples of translation gone wrong. Even multi-dollar companies like Coco-cola and KFC have not been spared of this embarrassment. 

Wrong translation can hurt your business in many ways. It can make you come across as unprofessional as a brand. Sometimes it can lead to mistakes that can offend your customers. There are cases where wrong translations have caused legal cases on the brand. 

Which Industries Can Benefit from German Translation?

Countries like Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil and many more have German-speaking population. This offers a wide customer base to any industry sector planning to expand. Industries like – food and beverages, travel and tourism, homeware and lifestyle products, fashion and beauty, e-commerce brands, healthcare and wellness brands, electronics brand, B2B services and SAAS companies – all can find their potential customers in these countries.

What Can German Translators Translate for You?

Professional German translators can translate a vast range of documents. There are experts to translate technical documents, while professionals that can translate your other communication efforts. Here are the few areas where German translation can be used: legal contracts, medical records, technical instruction manual, website content, blogs, social media pages, white papers, advertisements, books and anything and everything else that needs translation. 


Working with a professional German translator can do wonders for your efforts of going global. They can help you effectively communicate your message to a wider audience. If you feel hiring a full-time translator is a huge investment for your business – you can always work with independent translators.

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