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How to preserve anonymity in social networks and messengers

Social MediaHow to preserve anonymity in social networks and messengers

Nowadays, social networks, messengers and other online resources are becoming increasingly popular. And the main question that arises when using them – how to preserve anonymity?

For the average person may not be clear about the use of their data on the Internet. However, every more or less informed user knows why you should protect your anonymity. But we’ll remind you of the reasons anyway:

Why is it necessary to remain anonymous on the Internet?

The problem of de-anonymization exists not only among hackers, scammers and other “black” faces of the Internet – ordinary users are de-anonymized every day. And it’s a big problem.

When you use your personal data in big apps, you trust each project’s own security service, be it Telegram, Whatsapp and other giants of social life. However, it is known that almost every big app is not squeamish before selling their users’ data to big marketing companies. Yes, it is from them that you get tons of spam calls, texts and other garbage.

By using your personal data in small projects, you think that hackers, marketers, and other identity hunters aren’t interested in it. However, 43% of all hacker attacks come from the soul of small companies. And since they don’t have the money or energy for quality protection, your data easily falls into the hands of cybercriminals.

If it’s not worth storing data there or thereabouts, what should you do? That’s right, use fake data.

What is fake data?

Fake data is fake names, photos, temporary mailboxes, virtual phone numbers. In short, any field of information about you that is not 100% true.

No one requires you to have a real social media name, a passport photo, or anything else. So, why not use a fake?

If there are no questions with names, photos and email, then let’s get to the point of the article. How to remain anonymous?

What is a fake phone number?

A fake (or virtual) phone number is a means of protecting personal data, allowing you to hide your SIM card.

This number is not tied to a particular user’s passport, sometimes it does not even have a physical SIM card. It’s almost impossible to trace this number, and it’s pointless to use it for spam.

Such numbers allow millions of people around the world to use social networks and applications without restriction. Consequently, do not expose your native phone number.

Of the pluses of fake numbers, I would like to point out that you do not even have to use your country number: you can use a number from any country in the world. So stay anonymous on social networks.

How to register anonymously on social networks?

With a photo, first name, last name, date of birth and age there are no questions, with a phone number everything is much more interesting.

The temporary phone number is the most vulnerable part of any account in any social network. As a rule, phone numbers are stored unencrypted. This is due to the need to quickly access customer numbers. Not only are the numbers being sold to marketers, but hackers can easily access them.

Let’s secure our numbers! SMS-Man offers you the opportunity to buy a number for a one-time registration in one of more than 2000 services. You can also buy numbers from over 150 countries at the best prices on the market.

So let’s get to the point: how to preserve your anonymity in social networks? This guide is for you:

  • Go to the SMS-Man site
  • Register using any convenient way from those offered
  • Refill your balance for a small amount using any of the offered payment methods.
  • Choose the country of the number on the main page
  • Choose a service and click Buy next to the service
  • The purchased number will appear at the top of the screen. Copy it and use it in the application you wish to register.
  • When the app sends a SMS to the number you bought, go back to the SMS-Man home page and click Get SMS to get the code
  • Enter the code in the app and use your account at your leisure!

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