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Is Mariah Carey a Vegetarian?

Top StoriesIs Mariah Carey a Vegetarian?

Are you searching on web about Mariah Carey? and looking to know either she is a Vegetarian or not? well you can find the answer below:

Is Mariah Carey a Vegetarian?

From her Social media posts, She looks to be Vegetarian, Mariah Carey shows love towards the veg food! However there is any sound evidence or her interview in which she claims about being Vegetarian only! Although we can see from her Insta feed and interviews she loves the low carb and calorie diet; In order to maintain her body. Have a look at some below:

Mariah’s Carey Eating & Making Pizza

You can compare from her Instagram profile either she eats non veg or not! She have shared on Instagram while baking a pizza.

Moreover she was also seen at Mcdonalds

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