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Longmire Season 7 – Release Date Or Cancelled?

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Longmire’s sixth season premiered about five years ago, and craze for it is still in the minds of people who are badly waiting for season 7 of Longmire.

Longmire’s new season has created a lot of questions in fans’ minds, and here we will consider every question as a primary question of viewers and try to give a valid explanation of it.

John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin created this criminal drama series(Longmire), which first premiered on A&E on June 3, 2012. This criminal drama series is based on Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire Mysteries novels. 

The first three seasons of Longmire premiered on the A&E network, but after that, they announced that we were not going for another season and it would be its finale. However, Netflix picked up this show and went for the fourth season of Longmire to premiered on Netflix.

Longmire Season 7 - Cancelled or Releasing?
Longmire Season 7 – Cancelled or Releasing?

Other three seasons aired on Netflix, and also it’s the sixth season premiered in 2017, but we still have fan hope for season 7 of Longmire. Here we will give information about season 7 of Longmire, whether it is renewed for season 7 or Not, and more facts about Longmire season 7.

Will there be a season 7 of Longmire?

No there will not be season 7 of longmire series. If we look at season 6 of Longmire, it premiered with the title of the final chapter.

Longmire’s six seasons got a lot of love and appreciation with their ability to justify every character and investigate murder mysteries incredibly. Now fans are not happy with this too late in the announcement of season seven of Longmire.

People love it most and are not ready to end this crime drama show. There are lot of fake news about the release date of Longmire season seven. How can you think about season 7 of Longmire after Netflix officially announced the end of the season.

Longmire Season 7 release date

Longmire Season 7 - Release Date
Longmire Season 7 – Release Date

It is not confirmed by officials. After Officially, Longmire season 7 was canceled by Netflix. There is no hope of it; being renewed. Some news is that Longmire season 7 will be renewed by the producer and director as it premiered its three-season on the A&E network.

But still, it is not confirmed by officials, so we are not giving you hope. After the death of Branch Connally and Walt’s quitting the job, fans are excited to see Candy as the new sheriff and will return with action.

Walt will help her resolve cases whenever she needs it because Walt told Candy to carry on at the end of the sixth season.

We all have to wait for an official announcement about filming this criminal drama season and the release date of Longmire season 7.

About previous seasons of Longmire

seasons of Longmire
seasons of Longmire

Season 1: 

After the death of his wife, Walt Longmire, he was confronting the severe pain of losing her, and his daughter is seen as worried because Walt Longmire remained in a state of grief and depression and would not concentrate on his work well.

Walts gives most of the work to Branch Connally, who secretly dates her daughter candy.

Walts knows from his friend Fales who investigates the murder mystery that his wife was not died because of cancer but was murdered. And Fales thinks she must be murdered by Walt or henry.

Season 2:

In the second season of Longmire, Candy, the daughter of Walt, meets with detective Fales to know about her mother’s murderer candy asks Fales to do not to say to his father and might he take henry as a suspect, and we can lose path to finding the real murderer. Fales tells Candy that whoever killed her mom has already died.

After investigation, Henry confesses to Walt that he hired a hector to kill his wife, and Fales arrests him. 

Season 3:

In the 3rd season of Longmire Branch, Connally said that David Ridge shot him; as we have seen at the end of season two was wounded, but no one was ready to believe him.

Henry has been tortured in jail, and in the same season, he gets bail when his lawyer agrees to Candy.

As Branch Connally said everything about David Ridge, Fales also thought something was wrong with this case and started investigating it again.

Walt searches for David Ridge and kills him to protect himself from other dangers.

After investigation, they conclude that Henry does not kill Walts’s wife but David Ridge and set him free, removing all his charges.

Season 4:

In the fourth season, we see that Walt found Branch Connally’s dead body in the river, and a scary note he wrote before his death was found by Walt in Branch’s house.

After that, Walt started spending time with Dr. Donna Monaghan, and they were attacked. Walt was hurt, and Dr. Donna Monaghan was taken away.

Season 5:

In the 5th season, Walt started searching for Dr. Donna Monaghan, as she was taken away after being attacked, and then Walts met with the leader of the Irish Mafia face to face.

Also, Malachi and his men took Henry to an unknown place and left him to die there. 

Season 6: 

In the 6th season of Longmire, Walt saves him and starts looking at a bank robbery case, and then he quits his job.

Longmire Season 7 cast

Longmire Season 7 cast

As Longmire season 7 was canceled by Netflix, we have not received any official announcement about Longmire season 7. Still, some rumors about Longmire are that the directive team will renew it with extra energy and more thrill and mystery, but it is not officially announced.

So if they are going for season 7 of Longmire, what will be cast in Longmire season 7?

Here are some predictions about the cast after watching the seasons we have made.

After the death of Walt’s wife, Branch Connally, boyfriend of Candy and David Ridge, they will not be seen in season 7 of Longmire, and the rest of them are here below.

  • Robert Taylor will play the role of Walt Longmire as there is no replacement for him.
  • Cassidy Freeman as she played the role of Cady Longmire.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry.
  • Katee Sackhoff as Victoria “Vic.”
  • Adam Bartley will play the role of Archie.
  • Louanne Stephens will be as Ruby.

We might miss some other names of this cast, but these are names that will not be replaced.

Is trailer of Longmire Season 7 released?

There is no any trailer released regarding Longmire Season 7, not even an official announcement, but we can expect a renewal of Longmire season 7 and release of the Longmire trailer. 

And suppose they will go for Longmire season 7. In that case, they will not stop there and keep making more seasons of it because Candy has to perform his duty with more passion and show more intelligence to solve the murder case, so there will be the 8th season of Longmire if they announce making season 7 of Longmire.


This is based on fans’ expectations with season 7 of Longmire, but we are not sure about season 7 of Longmire after Netflix officially canceled it.

We have to confront the end of our favorite drama show or prepare ourselves for the unexpected future of it would be the best for us and not seek season 7 of Longmire after five years it ended. We have to look at other crime drama shows.

Will Longmire have a season 7?

No there will not be a season 7 of Longmire. Netflix officially announced the sixth season as the Final Chapter of Longmire.

How many episodes are in the Longmire season 7?

If there were season 7 of Longmire, there would be around 10 episodes.

Is Longmire renewed for season 7?

There is no official news for the renewal of Longmire Season 7 .

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