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Things to consider before moving to Denver, Colorado from abroad

Top StoriesThings to consider before moving to Denver, Colorado from abroad

No matter what country you are coming from, moving to Denver can easily be the adventure of a lifetime. This amazing city has a lot to offer to anyone who is willing to open themselves and look. But, in order to make Denver your home, you first need to move here. And doing so from a different country is easier said than done. So, here is what you need to take care of before moving to Denver Colorado from abroad in order to have proper relocation.

Before moving to Denver, Colorado from abroad

Before you set out to make Denver your home, there are a couple of things you should do. After all, the whole point of you moving here is to make the most out of Denver. And the only way to make that possible is to first see what Denver has to offer.

Research Denver

Once you decide that Denver is going to be your new home, we suggest that you research it as much as possible. This means learning about the rich Denver history. As well as learning about its current economic and political situation. The more you can learn about Denver, in this aspect, the better you will understand the people living here and the current lifestyle trends. You can even learn valuable information about the current job market and which fields are best paid. Finally, if you know Denver’s history, you will have a much better time appreciating its monuments and enriching your life. So, do yourself a favor and learn as much as you can about Denver before moving here.

Denver lifestyle

As the most populous city of Colorado, Denver has quite a metropolitan lifestyle. The people of Denver work and party hard, which is why you will find a lot of your professionals living here. This makes Denver one of the best U.S. cities for small businesses. To accommodate these professionals, you will find numerous theaters, clubs, cinemas and bars that you can enjoy every night of the week. So, if you are looking for a fun place in Colorado, Denver is the place to be.

A baseball stadium in Denver
If you are a sports fan, living in Denver is going to be a blast.

So, does this mean that Denver has no room for families? Of course not. Certain Denver neighborhoods are perfectly suited for families, both with their safety and calmness. Washington Park, Littleton, and Parker are just some of the neighborhoods where a regular family can move to and thrive. Therefore, whatever you wish to get out of Denver, you can. You just need to know where to look.

Cost of living

As Denver is one of the larger cities in the U.S. its average cost of living is higher then states. To give you an idea of what living here would cost you here are certain prices to keep in mind:

  • Median home cost – $426,200.
  • Average rent (1 bedroom apartment) – $1,265.
  • Average rent (4 bedroom apartment) – $2,588.
  • Median net salary (after tax) – $4,325.

All in all, Denver is not cheap. But, the large average net salary should be enough to cover you. Our advice is to ensure that you have a job in Denver before moving here.

Moving preparations

Now that you know a bit more about it, it’s time to see what moving to Denver Colorado from abroad is all about. Now, it is important to mention that international moving can be tremendously difficult and complex. Therefore, you should start tackling it the moment you decide that you are going to move. And you should do so with due care. Only with proper preparation can you expect that your move will be a successful one.

Finding the right movers

Before you do anything else regarding moving to Denver Colorado from abroad, find the right movers to help you. Only with their help will you be able to avoid all the rookie mistakes that can ruin your move. So, do yourself another favor and find reliable movers international movers to help you as soon as you decide that you are going to move.

A truck driving on a road showing you what moving to Denver Colorado from abroad will look like.
Without reliable movers helping you, there is no way that you can deal with moving to Denver Colorado from abroad.

Our advice is to start looking locally. Either looking for movers your area that can relocate you to Denver. Or try to find Denver movers who deal with international moving within your country. Both have their pros and cons, with local movers in your country having a slight edge. But, never the less, you should always go with movers that offer the best services for the lowest cost. To better compare movers, we suggest that you visit sites like and get free moving estimates. While these estimates might not be 100% accurate, they should give you an idea of which movers are the most cost-effective.


In any other type of relocation, we would advise you to deal with packing on your own. But, when it comes to moving to Denver Colorado from abroad, you should consider letting your movers handle packing. Keep in mind that international relocation is quite unforgiving. A simple oversight can easily cause a lot of damage. Therefore, the safest course of action is to let your movers handle everything. In certain situations, you might even need a storage unit to keep your belongings safe, which is a reason more why hiring full-service international movers is the best course of action.

Recyclable cardboard used for moving boxes.
Professional movers will also make your packing much more eco-friendly.

Talking with movers

In order to ensure that you have the best possible movers working with you, you will need to interview them. The key thing here is to find out whether they are reliable and capable. Both of those are necessary to handle relocation to Denver successfully. So, among the questions you should ask them are:

  • Have they handled an international relocation to Denver before?
  • What is the most difficult part of moving?
  • What aspects can affect the cost of moving internationally?
  • When is the cheapest time to move?
  • How do they handle difficult clients?

Questions such as these should give you an insight into how the company functions and how resourceful they are.

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