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Tips On How To Make Your Hostel Room A Better Living Place

LifestyleTips On How To Make Your Hostel Room A Better Living Place

When we think of trendy interiors, amen or women hostel roomis not the first thing that comes to our minds. You might think of hostel rooms as places with dirty piles of clothes, tangled wires and empty food cans scattered about. With studies and assignments, boarders are left with no time to tidy up their space. And you can’t blame them for this. But then hostel rooms too can look great, and we are here to help. Below, you find some of the best ways to spruce up your hostel room interiors. And the best part is that they won’t burn bigholes in your pocket. Check out

How to make hostel room beautiful

  • Have a bookshelf? Style it!

Books are a must-have for students. It doesn’t matter if you have novels or large textbooks on engineering and organic chemistry, you need a place where you can keep your reading materials together and in an organized manner. When not taken care of, this space can turn into a messy corner with random books, folders, and loose papers. Thankfully, all you need is to give your bookshelf some time, and it will become a sight worth seeing.

Keep the books in order. Add photos of family and friends to spice up the bookshelf. You candecorate it witha peel and stick wallpaper or a fresh coat ofpaintin any good color. You don’t really need much to turn your old bookshelf into a show-stopper. One last tip: Organize your books according to their color and size, not by author or subject. Although it may not seem intuitive, your brain will remember and scan size and color faster than textual information. It’ll also look better.

  • Use trays for storage and some added fun

A tray can be placed on top of the bedside table or dresser to organize makeup, accessories, and electronics. You can display your items on the tray. A tray looks simply elegant and beautiful! Split the tray into four quadrants to create a storage that can hold different types of items. This will offer a different aesthetic value to a routine tray. 

Sets of decorative boxes to place above your dresser can be a fashionable alternative to trays if you are a serious collector.

  • Wall art is must

And when we say wall art, we don’t mean any random piece available on the market. Choose a meaningful piece that will also bring cohesion to your room’s color scheme. A piece of wall art will add visual interest to a hostel room. However, most colleges won’t allow you to make holes in the walls! In that case you can hang your art without damaging the wall by simply using a peel and stick hook.

  • Use a head board and make your bed stand out

Imagine a hostel room with a steel bed in the corner. Although you can’t make the bed any better, you can alter how it is presented. A headboard is a great way to make a hostel room feel more like home. This is one of our favorite trends that we have seen recently being followed by college students. This trick, when paired with gorgeous bedding, really brings elegance to a place. And no, you won’t have to get a headboard crafted by a carpenter, you can create one with materials readily available for purchase. 

  • Turn a stool to a side table

For a successful design in hostel rooms, it is important to conserve space and use versatility. Garden stools are a great option. Although they don’t look too good, you can keep them as bed side tables. You can also use them as coffee tables, and end tables. If you don’t like the way your plastic stool looks, give it a coat of fresh paint. Make sure the color of the paint goes with other items you have in your room.

  • Use bold colors and bright lamps

Hostel rooms can look dull, as we said earlier. Thankfully, there are ways you can revamp the space. All you need is to use colors and decor to add a touch of personalizationto your hostel roomeven though it is pre-filled with the same desk, bed, and cupboard every other room has. If you don’t have the budget for a lot of decor items, then using acolorfullamp would be the best bet.

  • Add a throw pillow to enhance the beauty of your room

Hostel living is not complete without a boring study chair often provided by the college. A proper sofa isn’t worth purchasing because it’s a hostel room, after all. Then how can you solve the problem of seating? Well, you can cover your chair with a beautiful chair cover and then add a throw pillow to it.You can also place pillows in fun patterns or geometric shapes on your bed to bring that feeling of “real home”.

  • Offer the decor a punch of personality

You finish setting up your hostel, but still feel there is something missing. It is nothing but personality. Although the room may have all the technical and styling aspects covered, you probably still can’t say: This room is my bedroom.

Achieving this senseof belonging is extremely difficult. We recommend you bring something from home; something unique. Whether it’s a piece of art or a quote, choose something that that screams your name or sense of style. When you browse through search engines, don’t just type girls hostel near me into the search bar. It’s not a hostel in close proximity that you need, you need a place that can offer you comfort and a little scope for decor.

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