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The Five Best Social Media Websites To Promote Your Businesses – Research Based

Social MediaThe Five Best Social Media Websites To Promote Your Businesses - Research Based

If you type “the best social media platforms for businesses” into Google, you’ll find dozens of listicles, each with different socials in varying order of priority. As such, it is clear that what’s defined as “the best” is indeed subjective. In any case, we won’t let that put us off sharing the five social media websites that we believe are best for modern businesses. We’ll even back it up with some compelling statistics as well! Read on and let’s get started…

1. Facebook

Facebook is not without its flaws but there’s no denying how valuable it can be for businesses. Facebook ads have some impressive features allowing you to market your business to a highly refined target audience.

So, not only is Facebook home to a broad demographic of users, but you can also be very specific with who you choose to market your products and services to.

Again, it’s not perfect, but in terms of variety and depth of targeting, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat it.

Put it this way: 34.1% of adults worldwide (over the age of 13) see Facebook advertisements daily.

2. TikTok

TikTok has long been underestimated by many marketers and business owners because they see the social media platform as being ‘juvenile’. And while 52.38% of TikTok’s audience is aged between 18 and 24 (of which a majority are female); there is a growing number of older users embracing the social media platform today.

That, and with an ad reach of roughly 885 million people, you’ll be certain to find an audience to monetise on TikTok.

3. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is only suitable for those in the B2B industry, it is the number 1 platform in that regard. According to SproutSocial: “LinkedIn generated 3.8 billion in ad revenue in 2021, which is expected to increase to 7.7 billion by 2026.”

So, for example, if you’re a social media marketing agency and you are having difficulty with lead generation, you might want to establish a presence on LinkedIn and start growing a following of your own!

4. YouTube

When the average person thinks of YouTube, they’d consider it to be more of a streaming platform than it is social media, however, it falls under both categories and remains one of the world’s top platforms for advertisers.

YouTube has 2.6-billion active monthly users; that’s an awful lot of potential to find your audience and put highly-targeted video content in front of them! Not only that, but the most gifted advertisers enjoy an average conversion rate of 16%!

5. Instagram

Instagram is a huge platform with over 2-billion active users and incredible marketing potential – especially for businesses in industries like fashion, food, home décor, real estate, travel, tech, and creative marketing (to name a few).

According to internal Instagram data, 70% of shoppers look to Instagram to discover new products and look for inspiration on their next purchase. 

Conclusion: They’re only as good as your marketing agency

Remember, these five social media platforms are (in our opinion) among the best – but that’s not to say that the other socials are no good. Nor does it mean that the above social platforms are guaranteed to be perfect for your business.

Ultimately, they’re only as good as your marketing agency – and indeed the quality of the content that you are sharing. So, if you really want to experience success on social media and drive more business through to your website, you’ll need to find the perfect social media marketing agency to assist you!

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